• TurnTable NXT: Meet $tretto

Gbagi Eric has one of the best songs of 2020 in "Osanle" with Bizzonthetrack, but that's just a tip of what he has in store


His curiosity into the origins of his favorite songs led him to start making his own music. Now he is a producer, songwriter and artiste.

$tretto He started as a recording artiste featuring other artiste such as Tochi Uguru and Avalanche. The turning point for him as a creative was getting his recording setup as well as a laptop, which made it easier and cheaper to record music.

$tretto Jollof rice with Grilled Chicken Breast is his irresistible delicacy

$tretto Most times, the excitement of writing a song is what drives him to recording new music, which are inspired by personal experiences - whether negative or positive.

$tretto $tretto looks up to other young creatives who are making headway as a source of inspiration

$tretto carrying a dog When quizzed on the artistes he would like to work with, he answered Tim Lyre and Rema

$tretto $tretto hopes his friends who started with him from the beginning are smiling as they read this

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