• Mimz, Rindss, Yinka Oshodi & Sgawd Talk “Wicked Kitty”

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

The women on "Wicked Kitty" talk about the song, what's next and more

Beezyx’s second single of 2020 features four wonderful voices in what would almost count as a posse cut. At a time where the most popular song in the world is “WAP,” it is refreshing and exciting to see emerging creatives have the boldness and confidence to make a song like “Wicked Kitty.”

There’s a sense of mutual respect among the artistes, even beyond the song, knowing what they’ve done in and out of music – Mimz graduated top of her double major class in North Cyprus while using her skills to promote her new EP which fell right in the thick of the lockdown. Yinka Oshodi inked a songwriting deal during the unusual disruptive lockdown period and took a bold step of a hiatus throughout 2019 to get better at her craft. Rindss is a graduate of nursing from Afe Babalola University while Sgawd set the mood for one of the best songs you will hear in 2020.

The interview

TTC: Hello, tell us about yourselves


Rinds: My name is Dorinda, I’m 21, just finished university this year. I studied nursing at Afe Babalola University and I’m from Port Harcourt.

Mimz: My name is Michelle, I’m from Kogi State, I started music professionally when I was 15, and I started off as a rapper. I’m a graduate of radio, television and filmmaking and I graduated top of my class at Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus.

Yinka: That’s nice, I mean congratulations on your graduation.

TTC: I know right. You [Rindss] left before everyone else got stuck. Lucky you.

Yinka: I don’t really have much to say, my full name is Ayoyinka, I’m 24, graduated. So that’s it, basically.

Rindss: Wait, what did you say? “Your name is Ayoyinka” [everyone laughs]

Yinka: Alright, allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Ayoyinka, I’m 24, my family and I moved back to Nigeria in 2009 [not all of us], I started pursuing music professionally in late 2018 and last year was a very long hiatus for me, which I needed and I released my first single of 2020 in March, and yeah, I hope to release more stuff.

Rindss: Oh I forgot to say something, my first single was out in November 2018.

Mimz: My first single? [Laughs sarcastically] my first single was out probably in 2011. I used to be a part of rap group, probably the only female rap group in Nigeria, we released our first song in 2011. We had a reality show on SoundCity called “Goin Places”

Sgawd: Everyone calls me Seddy, my stage name is Sgawd, I’m 22, weirdly a nerd, used to be a tomboy, I have two dogs – just random stuffs to know about and I yeah I make feel good music. Everyone calls me Seddy, I’d like if everyone just stopped calling me Seddy. I listen to pretty much everything, in terms of music background, I grew up on a lot of highlife, 90s RnB, lot of Biggie and 2Pac – my dad used to have like really cool vinyl records, so we used to listen to a lot of Boyd George, Luther Vandross. When I started my first year of university, I listened to a lot of heavy metal, rock music and I listen to Afrobeats of course. I listen to music from a lot of different places like Zuk, Garifuna

TTC: What would you consider your biggest musical influence?

Mimz: I feel like there were three people that are so instrumental and I couldn’t mention one without mentioning the other cos they kinda all tie into each other. So my biggest musical influence would be Nicki Minaj, Janet Jackson, and T-Pain. And obviously the queen Beyoncé. Janet Jackson made me wanna be fierce as fuck. Her song. "Dance All Night" awakened the pop start in me.

Rindss: My biggest influence is not even someone that you can hear in my music because I grew up listening to a lot of music – my dad loves music so much, he used to play like funk, jazz, highlife, RnB – but my biggest influence would be Lauryn Hill. She is an awesome singer with so much soul in her lyrics, her artistry and performances. Minus her, I get inspiration from everywhere – from Enya, Rihanna, Beyonce, to Kendrick Lamar to Madonna.


Yinka: I have a lot, I don’t know how to explain but let me try with this – you know how you have the love of your life?

TTC: Yeah?

Yinka: So for me, there is the artiste of my life which is Beyonce but I don’t get my biggest musical influence from her. I like Jazz [the genre], Lalah Hathaway, Jill Scott, I love Amy Winehouse, I love Michael Bolton, I love Kendrick Lamar – I just have a lot because the instrumental of a beat depends on the vibe I’d bring to a particular song. When it comes to career trajectory, I really love Rihanna’s cos I want to expand at a particular point.

Sgawd: I wouldn’t really attribute the influence or trajectory of my music to one person, I can’t really collectively give someone the award of being my biggest musical influence but I would pretty much say a lot of the sounds I grew up listening to, my culture, what’s going on around me at the time, something that makes me chase a feeling is great musical influence for me and recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Cavemen, so back to my highlife roots [pun intended]. Anything that makes me feel good.

TTC: So the song “Wicked Laugh”

Everyone starts laughing

TTC: Okay, what’s going on? How come everyone has this secretive smile?

Mimz: The way you said “wicked kitty,” it’s just the idea of wicked kitty is funny.

TTC: Now I really want to know how the song came to be

Mimz: I think Yinka should start cos I got the song when everybody already had their verses on it.

Yinka: Beezy sent me the beat and I was like “this is really dope” and he told me the lineup. Beezy sent what Seddy did, I think she recorded her verse first along with the hook – and it sort of went in line with what I had in my head. And it was random cos like I told my Beezy, I was painting my toe nails and the lyrics just came in.

Mimz: Yinka, you know the person that does the ‘uuuh uuuh’ thing at the beginning, was that you or Seddy?

Yinka: That was me.

Mimz: Seddy’s music is quite, very… the right word would be a sexually liberated verse – my God I went to school – her music is sexually liberated and she wrote it [the hook]. She penned the hook and it gave us all a concept to work with.

Sgawd: I think Beezy would be best to answer that but I know from my side, he sent me the keys and instrumentals, and I was like “yo, I need a hook” and I came up with the hook. We decided to call it “Wicked Kitty” because it’s basically about having wicked punani. The snatch is good and effective, so that’s kinda what the song is about. You know, feminine energy, channeling your chakra, so yeah.

TTC: Nice, I wouldn’t lie to you but now I want to really hear that song. The secret smiles, the whole concept of the song – I want to hear it. So did the lockdown have an effect on you as a creative?


Mimz: Definitely, it really did. It made me a bit emotional a while back cos I had just release a project in May, which was right smack in the middle of the lockdown – my EP was released on the first of May. I would have liked to be out performing it but that wasn’t possible. One of my favorite things to do is perform, so realizing that I wasn’t going to perform till like next year was crazy – I actually cried. Other than that, I actually found ways around my creative work.


For example, I did a photoshoot in my own backyard, I used a bedsheet as a backdrop, right? I did a photoshoot to use promote my EP and I was able to create content within my compound and still promote, maybe not the way I would have liked but to a large extent I was still able to create content in my house.

Rindss: I feel like music is very limitless and there is a whole direction of things that we don’t see. So what makes you think you can wake up one morning and just put someone in a box. So I’m just growing, trying to look for other areas in my art and see how I can expand. So that’s what the lockdown was for me – self growth, evolving my divine feminity and just becoming a goddess.

Yinka: This lockdown has been a rollercoaster – the highs are very high and the lows are very low. But for me, I thank God for what I got, I’m not going to say I enjoyed it but I feel I’ve been very creative. Earlier this year, I realized I needed to start working smart, rather than working hard. You know there is no point in doing something and realizing you are not giving the best of yourself. I love the fact that I can select what I want, I can only record what I feel is good enough cos last year I wasn’t pleased about that.


Also, there has been more opportunities for me especially with songwriting – in the midst of the lockdown, I can’t really say much about it but someone reached out to me about songwriting. I think that is one of the best things that happened to me cos I love writing. In terms of creativity, I think it was a great time to hone my craft. I also wanted to post more videos of covers cos I didn’t know I would continue writing.

Mimz: During the lockdown, I recorded a lot of Triller and Tik Tok videos to promote my project.


Sgawd: Yeah, the lockdown was pretty overbearing for me as a creative, just being in a space where a lot of coming together and me being away from Lagos obviously, being in Akwa Ibom, having very limited resources and support down there to kinda like get work up and moving. But aside that, the creative part was okay, it was kinda like shit has to keep going regardless, you have to pick it up and keep moving – the ship, you know, stays afloat.

TTC: So what’s next, upcoming solo singles or projects, maybe even a collaboration between any of you?

Mimz: Okay, I literally just met Rindss now, but I definitely know Yinka and I would work on a song soon. Same goes with Sgawd. I have known Yinka for a while now and I have known Seddy for years – we went to the same secondary school, Whiteplains British School, Abuja.

TTC: Are you serious?

Mimz: Yeah [with a smile] we’ve known each other for years. So yeah, we are definitely going to work together in the future.

TTC: The wicked kitties!

Rindss: She called us the wicked kitties as per pussycats. [She laughs]

Rindss: For my next project, Beezy and I are working on something big. I feel like this collaboration between the two of us is going to be great. Like I said before, I’ve been trying to work on my music and put those critical things into action. I want to outdo myself with whatever I do next, so I can look back and be like “you actually did that.” So this particular project I’m working on is a joint EP between Beezyx and I. We are not sure how it would sound like yet, all we know is this is going to be my first project. I’m excited about it.

Sgawd: I feel like what’s next is what’s next - in this month of August I currently have a couple of features, one with Kiienka, then “Wicked Kitty” with this beautiful ladies, shout out Mimz, shout out Rindss, shout out Yinka Oshodi. Expect more music, whether it’s a single or a collaboration or a project – it would come when it comes and you will enjoy it.

TTC: So who do you think had the best verse on the song? [Chuckles]

Mimz: I think everyone did so something great on that song. I have a confession but do I really want to open my yansh outside? [she laughs]

TTC: Go on

Mimz: Okay, here is the thing, when I got the song, everyone already wrote their verses, the song is done and I was like “why did you guys do this to me? Like why are you putting this much pressure on me?” I wasn’t able to go to the studio for about a week, but if I had a verse I would have gone to the studio within that one week – I didn’t. I wrote like four different verses for the song cos I felt the girls on it were so good, I can’t even tell you who had the best verse. Everyone brought their own style and it’s so different but it fits perfectly. I remember telling Yinka “Ay God see problem, I don’t know what to sing”

Yinka: Yeah she called me [she smiles]. The thing is everyone brought their A-game and I feel like each verse was needed in the song. Sometimes, I see myself singing Rindss’ verse or part of Mimz’s verse – so every single part was needed. You can’t really point at a best verse cos every single verse was different. I love everyone’s part of the song – sometimes I’m even tempted to DM Rindss part of her lyrics on the song that I really love it. I’d be walking and it would pop up in my head.

Rindss: I wrote the song when it only had Seddy’s hook. I heard the song and I was like okay [she starts giggling] and I was like no wahala. At first, I had a hard time cos the beat was like up and down. I wasn’t sure what flow to bring, Caribbean flow or just normal flow. But when he sent me Yinka’s verse, I told Beezy “oh okay, is this what we are doing? You should have told me we are here to murder people”

Everyone starts laughing


Rindss: I was like “if you are going to put my verse next to this one, abeg let them not…” He told me “Rindss, I’ve sent your verse to 30 people and all of them loved it.” Meanwhile, I was just complaining and I wouldn’t want to be the one that sets the song back. At the end, I told him “you know what, it has happened, it has happened.” All the girls they brought their A-game and I cannot come and kill myself, can I? [She laughs again]

TTC: No you can’t

Rindss: I heard Yinka’s verse I was like “see problem,” then Mimz came with the whole…

Mimz: What did I come with?

Rindss: You were like so, I don’t know, immediately I heard it, I said goodnight.

Everyone joins in the laughter

Mimz: I wrote four verses for the song – that’s how intimidated I was by the other women on the song. I was like “so what am I going to say again, they’ve said it all.”

Rindss: Exactly

Mimz: I was with my boyfriend and I told him “babe, I can’t do this anymore, I think I will just give the song to Beezy and tell him I love him but I can’t do this cos I don’t know what to sing.” I’m glad I persevered. By the way, my verse was inspired by Yemoja and Osun. You guys will hear everything once the song is out and you would love it.


Sgawd: Hahaha I feel like this is a very shady question, “who had the best verse on wicked kitty?” But I love everyone’s verse equally. Shout out Beezy, y’all always forget the producers, so shout out Beezy’s tag – it is one of the best out there. I’m super excited for everyone to listen to song. Shout out Mimz, shout out Rindss, shout out Yinka Oshodi and Beezy for making this happen. I don’t know the name of the guy on the art work but I like how he took the essence of pink that Beezy and I spoke about and he put that into the art.

Listen to "Wicked Kitty" here

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