• FEM was the most viewed music video in Nigeria last week and it was only out for 5 hours

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

Davido’s “FEM” 178,000 views in 5 hours was enough to make it No. 1 video on YouTube NG last week.

Davido’s “FEM” shot up to the top of trending list on social media on the evening of September 10.

But it was on YouTube that the popularity of “FEM” showed the most. It was released at 7pm Nigerian time on Thursday, meaning it was only available for 5 hours out of the 7-day tracking period; TurnTable Charts/YouTube employs a Friday-Thursday 7-day period for its tracking week.

The music video recorded 178,000 views and that was enough to beat No. 2 video, Dj Khaled’s “POPSTAR” featuring Drake (and starring arguably the biggest popstar in Justin Bieber) and No. 3 video, Patoranking’s “Abule.”

Top Music Videos on YouTube in Nigeria last week

  1. “FEM,” Davido – 178,000 views
  2. “POPSTAR,” Dj Khaled featuring Drake – 134,000 views
  3. “Abule,” Patoranking – 99,500 views
  4. “Monsters You Made,” Burna featuring Chris Martin – 76,200 views
  5. “Eru,” Olamide – 75,200 views
  6. “Ginger Me,” Rema – 71,000 views
  7. “TUTU,” 6ix9ine – 66,700 views
  8. “Lo Lo,” Omah Lay – 55,300 views
  9. “Jaruma,” Hamisu Breaker – 50,100 views
  10. “Duduke,” Simi – 46,600 views


The views recorded on YouTube, the streams on streaming platforms as well as airplay the song got on Friday evening (the song was released on radio at 5pm Nigerian time on Thursday) means the song could debut on Top Airplay Chart, the chart of the top songs on radio across Nigeria; Top Streaming Chart, a chart that combines the three major freemium streaming platforms in Nigeria; and Apple Music Top Songs, a weekly chart of the top performing songs on Apple Music.

TurnTable Charts will reveal this week’s Top Airplay Chart and TV Top Songs Chart tomorrow, September 14; and Top Streaming Chart and Apple Music Top Songs on Tuesday, September 15.

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