Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

The digital music market in Nigeria has reached an unprecedented high, thus creating a global platform for artists to promote their music, generate revenue, and connect with fans.

The major digital music platforms in Nigeria are Apple music, Audiomack, Boomplay, and Youtube. These platforms are the primary avenue through which consumers access music content in Nigeria. An aggregation of music performance on these platforms creates a way to determine the best performing songs in Nigeria’s digital space.

Apple Music, one of the most popular music streaming platform globally, is the main platform used by major Nigerian artists in putting out their materials. An artist with a sizeable fan base can use Apple Music as one of the metrics in determining their songs’ digital performance.

Apple Music chart this week This week's top ten

Emerging artistes, who have been able to carve out an impressive digital following, also use apple music as the primary platform to gauge the reach of their music. While all artists use Apple Music, song performance on the platform is shaped by a strong digital following.

However, Apple Music in-built chart is either the daily chart (updated at the end of every day) or a real-time chart – both charts are limited in determining the performance of a song (or album) within a definite period. It is impossible to tell what the chart looked like two weeks ago or three months ago – it is also impossible to tell the performance of songs (and albums) during a tracking week.

This is why TurnTable Charts has decided to publish a weekly chart of the top performing songs on the platform; the chart is based on streams accumulated over a Friday to Thursday 7-day period.

Audiomack, Boomplay, and Youtube are all fremium music streaming platforms that have become very popular amongst Nigerian consumers who can’t afford a premium streaming servic. Audiomack and Boomplay have become major platforms for upcoming and sub-mainstream artistes with a limited digital following to promote their songs and enhance their profile.

Boomplay is popular amongst consumers of gospel music, and it is a major platform used by gospel artistes to determine the performance of their songs. The platforms’ free accessibility has attracted a wide range of consumers that have become impossible for even major artists to ignore. While the royalties generated from both platforms might pale in comparison to Apple Music, they provide artistes with a huge digital market of music consumers.

Top Streaming chart this week This week's top ten

YouTube is undoubtedly the biggest video sharing platform in the world. The visuals of music that are popular amongst consumers usually generate a high viewing interest. Thus, creating a medium for artists to determine their music’s general performance across different platforms and demographics. Being a freemium streaming platform, YouTube makes up the third component of Top Streaming Chart published by TurnTable Charts every week.

The Turn Table Triller Chart is another music chart used by TurnTable Charts to determine the best performing songs. Similar to Billboard, the American music chart publication, TurnTable Charts uses Triller chart to determine the songs with the most engagement amongst consumers (Billboard and TurnTable Charts are the only two music chart publications in the world with a partnership to publish weekly Top Triller Chart).

Top Triller Chart this week This week's top ten

Triller Chart highlights a song’s performance by using the level of engagement, interaction with the song and amount of videos shared on Triller. Triller is a platform for artists to promote their songs and increase the reach of their songs within and outside Nigeria.

The Digital Song Sales Chart is a metric of determining the best-selling songs in the country on digital download platforms; only iTunes is factored into the chart at the moment.

Top Shazam Songs is a monthly chart of the most popular songs on the audio-identification app over the course of a month; the chart will be published on the last Saturday of every month.

TurnTable Charts also publish two airplay charts for radio and TV – the two most penetrative medium of music consumption in Nigeria. While the streaming audience in the country continues to increase, radio and TV still remain the major medium of consumption of music for millions of people in the country.

Top Airplay Chart combines performance on radio stations across the country; radio remains the biggest means of music consumption in Nigeria.

Top Airplay Chart this week This week's top ten

The TV Top Songs Chart is a weekly chart of the most popular songs on music cable channels in the country. TV remains one of the biggest platforms of consuming music in the country, with millions of Nigerians tuning in every minute to watch their music videos, both Nigerian and non-Nigerian.

TV Top Songs Chart this week This week's top ten

All weekly charts published by TurnTable Charts provide data across different music platforms, which assists artists and music consumers in determining the best performing songs and consumer behavior across all music demographics in the Nigerian music space.

Here is a breakdown of weekly schedule;

  1. Top Triller Nigeria Chart – every Sunday
  2. Digital Song Sales Chart – every Sunday
  3. Top Airplay Chart – every Monday
  4. TV Top Songs Chart – every Monday
  5. Top Streaming Chart – every Tuesday
  6. Apple Music Top Songs – every Tuesday

Top Shazam Songs is a monthly chart published at the end of the month

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