• Snippets as an Art of Musical Seduction

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

Artistes are keen to preview and share their work with fans early with the aim of becoming viral on Tik Tok

Displaying a catchy part of something to generate interest is a time-tested marketing strategy. Carving out a small piece of the whole and presenting it sensationally is a proven way to generate attention for the whole. From headlines to trailers to revealing attires, the less people read, watch, and see, the more they crave.

In music, a snippet is an art of carving out a tiny juicy part of the whole to generate buzz for the whole. When properly employed, snippets can inspire desire and arouse the acoustic senses. Thus making it an element of musical seduction.

Snippet has emerged as an efficient marketing tool in the Nigerian music industry and in the past couple of months, the adoption of snippets seems to have doubled. Its simplicity, effectiveness, and capacity self-multiply make it an outstanding strategy. In the last couple of months, more Nigerian artists have embraced snippets. A few of the snippets that have circulated on social media in 2022 include Pheelz’s Finesse to Black Sheriff’s Kwaku The Traveller to Asake’s Trabaye to BNXN Kilometer remix, Olamide’s Hate Me, DJ Spinall’s Palazzo, and even Burna Boy has used his live performances to tease some unreleased materials such a summer banger Last Last.

For a snippet to achieve the desired goals, it must be perfect. While a snippet is by nature short, it can’t however be so short that it would lack a coherent part. Likewise, a snippet can’t be too long, or it would lose its stimulating capacity. Like the seductive instrument it is meant to be, a snippet needs to give just about enough to arouse desire. It needs to be good enough to sustain the desire by creating a feverish longing in the listeners. A longing so intense that the listeners would be desperate to consume the music.

Through snippets, artists can achieve a form of prolonged gratification by holding out on the audience almost to an unbearable point. Here, the artist must get his time right or the listeners might grow weary with need before consequently becoming uninterested.

While snippet is a powerful marketing tool, they can also be a double-edged sword. Snippets build up so much anticipation that sometimes, the music struggles to live up to the lofty expectations of the listeners. When the listeners find the music to be short of the startling content the snippet promised, the entire endeavor is considered fraudulent and quickly dismissed. It’s like ferociously desiring something only to get it and find out it was all an elaborate waste of time.

When a snippet fails to deliver on its promise, the single will be quickly forgotten and fans will swiftly move past it. This was the case with Olamide’s Hate Me whose snippet generated so much anticipation that it debuted on NO.4 on TurnTable Top 50. The music however didn’t live up to the high hopes it inspired and it invariably suffered a nosedive in the following weeks.

Pheelz’s featuring BNXN Finesse was also a causality of fiery anticipation generated by a hypnotic snippet that dominated social media for weeks. When the single finally dropped ahead of schedule due to a feverish hunger for the music, it was so hastily consumed by listeners who were already half-full.

The strong anticipation snippet generates makes it a marketing tool hard to snub. While artists with celestial status don’t have to recourse to snippets since they can generate all the anticipation they need with a single tweet, artists with less influence can’t afford such luxuries.

At the moment, snippets is the go-to strategy because it has proven to be an effective one. Fans can expect a lavish display of musical seduction in 2022 and from all indications, the fans are ready and willing to be seduced.

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