• E’MAJOR Delivers an EP for All Seasons with Goose & Gander

Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

Editorial Review of E Major's Goose & Gander EP

Creating quality music that retains artistic originality while also appealing to an assorted range of audiences is an artistic battle every artist must fight. In Goose & Gander EP, E’Major engages in this battle and emerges victorious.

On this 5 – track EP, E’Major brings an infectious energy that he intends to transmit to the listeners. This is evident in the opening track Padi, a lovely feel-good party jam that conveys the crooner’s mood. E’Major sings about how he’s in high spirit and a mood to party. On "Padi," E’Major delivers smoothly and confidently over a bounce beat perfectly sprinkled with catchy chords that will instantly put listeners on the same vibe with the crooner.

On track two "Wonder," E’Major displays his single prowess on a calm slow beat that lets the artist’s vocals do the job. On "Wonder," E’Major explores the dreamy nature of his love for the woman with whom he is hopelessly in love. Every hopeless romantic knows that loving helplessly comes with the risk of a painful heartbreak and it’s the fear of having his love spurned that makes the artist wonder. On this track, E’Major displays a seamless ability to progress from verse to chorus which is an enviable ability many artists covet. An interspersion of adlibs and perfect strings adds immeasurable beauty to this track.

E’Major taps into his Igbo roots on "Malugo" which is an affirmation of the great things that are certainly ahead for the artist. The single reminds us of the temporary nature of life’s travails and there is perhaps no better way to deliver such a hopeful message than over a wonderful beat that will have listeners happily shuffling their feet in the hope of a better tomorrow. On this track, E’Major partners with a rapper who holds his own and delivers a quality verse that compliments the memorable chorus. While it might be difficult to pick a favorite from this EP, "Malugo" might just tip the scale for most listeners.

On "Diamond," E’Major displays his artistic credentials by delivering a quintessential Nigerian love song in a seamless mix of English and Pidgin. Composition of typical Nigerian romantic declarations and a simple yet flawless delivery makes this track appealing to the ears and easy on the tongue.

While E’Major opened this beautiful EP with "Padi," a fast paced party jam, he chooses to round off on a sobering note with "Papa," a thoughtful tribute to his father. E’Major’s gratitude and honesty in this track is one that will resonate with listeners. While there’s not a lot of Nigerian songs that hails the indescribable heroics of fathers, their sacrifices is not lost on the society. And this single is a sobering reminder that fathers too deserves to be celebrated.

At the end of it all, you will have to agree that Goose & Gander is a beautiful EP that showcases the talent of an artist who is comfortable in his own skin. While the explanation for the choice of name for the EP is better left to the artist, this writer is of the opinion that perhaps the intention of E’Major is to create an EP that has something for both the Goose & Gander. An EP which everyone who appreciates good music can find a track they enjoy. And should that be E’Major’s intention, he can take pride in a job well done.

Listen to the project here

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