• The Utter Domination of Fireboy DML & Ed Sheeran's "Peru"

Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

"Peru" is making a killing at home and abroad

What happens when a sensation song from the endless talent pouch of one of Nigeria’s and Africa’s exceptional talents features one of the world’s best singers and songwriter, multi-Grammy award winner, and a global chart-topping force? It will be nothing short of mind-blowing.

Fireboy’s fairytale rise reached a new crescendo when he linked up with UK singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran for the remix of his smash hit single “Peru”. Since his debut, Fireboy has established himself as a super talented singer and songwriter whose eyes are not only set on the very apex of the music industry but one whose heart is set at creating music that will forge a rich legacy. His first album “Laughter, Tears, and Goosebumps (LTG)” was spectacularly successful across spectrums and it decidedly pointed fans to the path the new star intended to thread.

A year later, Fireboy followed up with his sophomore album he christened “Apollo”. While the title of his first album might have captured his tough, inspirational, and surreal road to fame, for his second album, Fireboy ascended into a higher realm. Fireboy’s rise to fame was orchestrated by fate and with the profusion of talent he possesses, he was convinced of his place amongst the Pantheon of gods. “Apollo” rocketed into space taking Fireboy to the moon where he enjoyed record-breaking feats.

The lineup of singles that makes up “Apollo” is an extravagant display of talent, elegance, and finesse. However, Fireboy’s vanity can be understood and even appreciated. He is a man effortlessly making albums that many artists dreamingly hope they can create. While such vanity might be considered irritating in less talented artists, Fireboy is a paragon of talent. He is whoever he thinks he is. With “Apollo,” Fireboy did not only consolidate on his earlier success, but he also provided striking clarity on the man, the artist, the sound, and the brand.

In 2021, Fireboy dropped his single “Peru” which sounded like nothing he had done before and it was a testament to his limitless talent. “Peru” is a catchy tune interspersed with love, glamour, and fun. The single was made more beautiful with a honeyed beat that lets the music do the job. Unsurprisingly, it became a favorite peaking at NO.3 on TurnTable Top 50. The video of Fireboy performing “Peru” to a sea of fans in Zambia who were singing along captured the secret spice with which the song left fans wanting more and with which it gradually became an international favorite.

Months after “Peru” was released, it continued to be a mainstay on radio and TV as consumers couldn’t get enough of the hit. When Fireboy announced the remix with Ed Sheeran there was no doubt that Peru would be the next song to continue Afrobeat’s global push. Ed Sheeran as the choice for the remix was perfect as he was already in love with the single and his ability to deliver wasn’t even in question.

As expected, “Peru” remix has already begun setting records and it’s only in its first weeks. The single debuted at NO.1 on TurnTable Top 50 tallying 66.8 million in radio reach, 11.5 million in TV impressions, and 5.7 million equivalent streams and in the process setting a new record for the biggest total points in a week on TurnTable Top 50. It also set the ridiculous record of being the first single to garner double the points of the second biggest song in Nigeria. The debut is Fireboy’s first NO.1 single on TurnTable Top 50 and it sees Ed Sheeran become only the third non-Nigerian to reach the summit of the chart.

“Peru” remix has also set a new record for the most-watched video within a week on YouTube Nigeria totaling 1.18 million views in its first week. “Peru” remix is currently the NO.1 song on Radio, NO.3 on TV, and the most-streamed song in the country.

The single is wielding an unprecedented level of superiority and force which is the result of having one of the biggest artists in the world on what is simply a captivating and addictive song. A song so captivating it had Peru’s official Twitter handle co-signing it and putting out the word.

The coming weeks promise to be stellar for “Peru” remix and for Fireboy, he couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2022, and with a third album in the works, Fireboy can be expected to be burning on all cylinders.

When considered, “Peru” presents a remarkable example of the beautiful ironies that makes life unpredictably interesting. Fireboy is undoubtedly one of Nigeria’s finest songwriters and it’s beautifully ironic that it’s “Peru” a freestyle that would turn out to be his biggest hit yet. It is the unpredictability of a song’s success and the unforeseeable extent of its acceptance that makes music an interesting piece of art. And as far as art goes, Fireboy is in a class of his own.

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