• Davido is the No. 1 Artiste of 2021

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

Davido also led the Year-End Artiste Chart in 2020

In the Nigerian music industry, there are veterans, world-renowned superstars, pacesetters, hitmakers, culture shapers, perennial award winners, power brokers, trendsetters, and philanthropists. The majority of these words describe a select few, while others to varying degrees embody some of these characteristics. However, only one artist can be boldly regarded as a personification of these qualities and it is no other than the one and only Davido who for the second year running, has emerged as the NO.1 artist in Nigeria after what was a sensational year for Nigerian music.

The parameters for the ranking of artists for TurnTable end of the year charts is the total number of points scored by each artist in the year in view. On this basis, the most important factors would be the number of entries an artist has on the chart as well as the success and longevity of those entries (ability to garner chart points over a long period). It is upon these criteria (used by other music chart publications around the world) that Davido has been able to fend off competitions to retain his title as the undisputed NO.1 artist on TurnTable Top 50 for 2021.

The 2020 Covid stimulated overdrive in the Nigerian music industry invariably spilled over into 2021. Several artists released projects while the world waited for the return of life as we know it. For the majority of the artists who tapped into their creative side and gave consumers something to enjoy as the world adjusted to the new order, 2021 was the time to consolidate their efforts. By all indications, 2021 was bound to be a slow year for the release of new music as the preceding year saw an overflow of releases most of which hadn’t even reached their peak.

Davido joined the wave of artists that released new materials in 2020 with the release of his third studio album “A Better Time”. The album went on to rack three consecutive NO.1 songs in three weeks on the TurnTable Top 50 a record that remains unmatched. In quintessential Davido fashion, eight songs from the album entered the Top Ten which is an album record that still endures.

The success of “A Better Time” was instant and conspicuous. It was welcomed with fanfare and consumed with a fervor that can be said to amount for the instantaneous and rather sudden contentment that followed. Expectedly, the album crossed over into 2021 and enjoyed some fine run in the first quarter of the year. The album had successful singles in the form of “Jowo,” “Holy Ground,” “The Best,” “LA LA,” and mega-hit “FEM” all of which enjoyed a good chart run to ensure that Davido retained a spot on the TurnTable Top 50 even past the middle of the year.

While the success and relative longevity of some songs from “A Better Time” contributed in no small measure to Davido’s 2021 chart success, a significant part of that success is owed to his collaborations. Davido’s ability to deliver a hit single whenever he’s called upon is in the superlative and his unparalleled abilities have made him one of the most sought-after artists on the continent. And it is this business of delivering hits that have delivered Davido the spoils with which to retain his title as the artist of the year.

In the year in view, several collaborations contributed to Davido’s Top 50 chart share. The collaborations include Peruzzi’s “Somebody’s Baby,” Mayorkun’s “Betty Butter,” Kiddominant’s “Beamer Body,” Focalistic’s “Ke Star,” Teni’s “For You” which reached NO.1 on TurnTable Top 50, Zlatan’s “Cho Cho,” Adekunle Gold’s “High,” which peaked at NO.2 on TurnTable Top 50, and Skales’s “This Your Body” to mention a few.

In 2021, Davido was also able to draw from his catalog of evergreen hit songs as “Aye” continues to receive a steady flow of visitors on YouTube, “Fall” enjoyed some decent plays on TV, and “IF” remains a radio favorite. The volume of hits from “A Better Time,” chart performing collaborations, and catalog songs were able to combine to give Davido the largest share of points on TurnTable Top 50 in 2021.

Davido’s 2021 will split opinions depending on the perspective one chooses to deploy. Some observers might view it as a relatively quiet year for Davido especially if one is to hold him to the lofty standard he has set. Others might contend that he was able to do just about enough to retain his crown as the artist of the year and that in itself, is a big deal. However, as far as the charts go, Davido had a splendid 2021 and even in a year where he hardly put out any new music of his own, he still managed to hold down the NO.1 spot.

If this writer were to predict what the people should expect from the 2021 artist of the year Davido in 2022, he would have the following thoughts: For Davido, 2022 will be the year to remind the people of the colossal hitmaker that he is. 2022 will be the year to show the industry that he is capable of putting together a body of work that will capture his talent, essence, and unmatchable artistry. A coherent body of work that will endure for generations. He will do all these not because he has anything to prove. Not because the industry has forgotten the greatness he embodies. But simply because he is Davido and because he can.

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