• TRILLER: A Rising Star’s Best Friend

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

This week, rising star AV spent the fourth week at the summit of the Nigeria Triller chart with his single “Big Thug Boys” making it the NO.1 song Nigerians interacted with the most on the popular App. This made one of the longest No. 1s in the history of Top Triller Chart Nigeria and has a chance at holding the record outright if stays at the summit for another week.

For weeks now, “Big Thug Boys” has grown in popularity and much of the single’s fame is owed to its popularity on video sharing apps such as Triller and Tik Tok. This is quite impressive for an artiste who only a handful knew before “Big Thug Boys”

In the past, streaming apps such as SoundCloud, Audiomack, and YouTube have served as a launching pad for upcoming artistes to gain wider exposure and traction. Triller has emerged as one of the leaders in promoting Nigerian music and giving upcoming artistes a platform to get their music to a wider audience at zero cost.

AV becomes the latest artiste to benefit from Triller’s wide reach and artiste targeted benefits. With the popularity of “Big Thug Boys,” Triller has shown that it’s a viable alternative for emerging artistes who might not have the means to massively promote their music on Radios and other traditional platforms. Triller has also proven to be an important App that every artiste should use in getting their music to a larger audience and gain organic traction.

Triller has thrown “Big Thug Boys” into Nigeria’s mainstream music market and invariably made AV closer to his goal of becoming a recognizable name in the Nigerian music scene. AV has followed in the footsteps of Hagman whose “Focus Dance” beat became popular on video sharing apps and social media before it swept across the country. We expect that other rising stars will follow their lead and deploy Triller in getting a step closer to Nigeria’s mainstream music market.

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