• TurnTable NXT: Meet Kizz Ernie

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

Meet the artiste behind the No. 1 pick on the fifth installment of TurnTable NXT Playlist

TTC: Tell us about yourself?

KIZZ ERNIE: My name is Nnaemeka Sean Enekwachi. I was born in Lagos, lived in Lagos for a while then moved to Port-Harcourt, so I had like best of both sides. I started getting into music at 5. At the age, I started playing the piano, then went on to join the church choir, and ever since then I have been involved in music in every way possible.

TTC: "Don’t Kill my Vibe" won the poll because of the majority believe it was the best of the bunch. How does it make you feel to know people believe your music is the best song on the playlist?

KIZZ ERNIE: First things first, I believe my music to be the best, so I feel good in my music. So people believing in it just makes me feel better.

TTC: How far do you see "Don’t Kill my Vibe" as a single going because it seems to have caught the attention of listeners? Do you plan to promote the song for it to reach its full potential?

KIZZ ERNIE: Definitely. In promoting “Don’t Kill my Vibe”- with this song, there is no slowing down. The music video is about to drop soon.

TTC: What will you say is your genre?

KIZZ ERNIE: I’ll just say that I create vibes to be fair. I’m not boxed to a particular type of genre because I am a producer as well. I produced "Dont Kill my Vibe". So I make beats for other artistes that do different types of genre but let’s just say that I create Afro-fusion because it’s like a fusion of different sounds.

TTC: Do you have any upcoming project coming up?

KIZZ ERNIE: I'm not sure yet about a project. I dropped and E.P last year and a year before that too, so I’m not sure that I will drop an E.P this year even though there is a lot of songs ready.

TTC: If you had the chance to pick any Nigerian artiste to collaborate with who would it be?

KIZZ ERNIE: Has to be Burna Boy.

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