• TurnTable NXT: Meet Albertium

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

Meet the artiste behind the No. 1 pick on the sixth installment of TurnTable NXT Playlist

TTC: Tell us about yourself.

ALBETIUM: My name is Eghosa Albert Oghodo. I started to do music professionally in 2018. I currently have two E.Ps – the first one is called The Apocalypse, which was released in 2019 and the second one is “Albetiumville 1” which has the song “Want” that won the twitter poll, was released in 2020. I was born and raised in Benin city – and still reside there. I started music because I felt that it was something I was born to do. Something that’s just part of me and deciding to start music professionally was something I have always wanted to do. The music I make encompasses my experiences, what I think of, the way I feel and my environment are what I think inspired my music.

TTC: "Want" won the poll because of the majority believe it was the best of the selected playlist. How does it make you feel to know people believe your music is the best song on the playlist?

ALBETIUM: It’s amazing because that’s something that gives me joy when I see people appreciate my work. When you put in a lot of work and effort in a music and people start appreciating it, it makes me excited like out of all the songs on that playlist, my song was Number 1 on the list. So it’s something to be grateful and happy for.

TTC: How far do you see "Want" as a single going because it seems to have caught the attention of listeners, do you plan to promote the song for it to reach its full potential?

ALBETIUM: The fun thing about the song is that it was released August 1st last year so the project (Albertiumvillie 1) is a year old and I have been trying my best to push the song to the best I could so if I have any means to push it further than, I will. But the problem with promotion is that it requires a lot of funding and as an independent artist, it’s not easy. In Benin city, I have been able to make my sound get the attention of many people so I feel that the rest of the country will get to know of my music through this platform that’s why I was very grateful when my song was included on this platform. And ever since, I have had a reasonable amount of followers so I think the song can reach its full potential.

TTC: What will you say is your genre is?

ALBETIUM: My genre is Afrobeats. I’m not the type of artist that tries to create a different genre because we have plenty nowadays but having it in that general name ‘Afrobeats’ makes it a lot better. My sound is not confined to a particular space but I like to refer it as Afrobeats because it encompasses a lot of sub-genres in Nigeria.

TTC: Do you have any upcoming project coming up?

ALBETIUM: For my E.P’s , I can’t say for certain now although I am working on a couple of songs but definitely I have a new song coming out next month and it is titled “Your Love,” and it’s going to make people attracted to my sound. I am also planning to hold a concert this year so the work is still in progress because last year I was supposed to make my first headline concert but the lockdown affected everything so the show kind of got cancelled. So I’m working to do it this year.

TTC: If you would want to do collaboration with any of the big artistes out there, who would you want that to be?

ALBETIUM: That will be Davido and everybody wants a song with him because he’s a hit maker and I have this admiration for him.

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