• TurnTable is One: A Year Later, Nothing Was The Same

TurnTable Charts is One

On July 9, 2020, at the height of the pandemic, when the covid-19 virus was sweeping across the world, when everyone was mandated to take stay indoors, and when the interminable lone time seemed to be taking a toll on everyone, an idea was born.

July 2020 was months into the pandemic. There was a surplus amount of time for imagination, conversation, and discovery. As the world waited for the earth to reset, a group of guys had several conversations about the need for documentation in the Nigerian music industry. One of them, a writer with a strong interest in Nigerian music and entertainment whose eyes had become heavy from unending hours of TV and his mind bored with the continuous regurgitation of social media contents reached out to his friend, a software engineer about building a chart publication for Nigeria.

The latter wasn’t quite keen on Nigerian music, or music at all. He was an engineer and quite honestly a nerd whose primary interest was deploying his computer in bringing ideas to life. It didn’t take much to convince him. The country was on lockdown and even a nerd could use some excitement. After a few weeks of idea formulation and fine-tuning, they had a clearer picture of what they wanted to create. The idea was quite daring, novel, and innovative. And with some level of boldness and a certain amount of madness, what started as a conversation grew into an idea and soon the idea took shape in form of TurnTable Charts.

We had a vision for TurnTable Charts and required a team who can buy into that vision. Fortunately, we were able to find persons who were excited about music documentation and who also possess a certain amount of madness to believe that the idea of a Nigerian music publication platform will fly. Carefully and gradually, a team was created to run Nigeria’s first music chart publication.

TurnTable Charts had a vision to aggregate data across Television, Radio, and Streaming platforms to create a chart that will give an accurate reflection of music consumption in Nigeria. This wasn’t going to be easy, but we were determined to forge a path in an area that has never been threaded. This required boldness, creativity, hard work, and a little bit of madness, and our team was the perfect cocktail.

In achieving our visions, we knocked on the doors of both Nigerian and international brands and companies some of which were opened and others were slammed at our faces. But to our surprise, several international and Nigerian brands, companies, music labels, stakeholders, and individuals were willing to take a chance on some guys with a crazy idea. Since we launched in July, TurnTable Charts have seen a steady growth that is remarkable and quite frankly more than we anticipated.

The launch of the TurnTable Top 50 in November 2020 heralded a new dawn for Nigerian music and records a never-before-seen milestone in music documentation in Nigeria. Our numerous partnerships have also played a vital role in facilitating our effort in building a credible chart publication and vast and diverse music database. One year later, we look back at how far we have come and what we have been able to achieve in 12 months and we are mesmerized. TurnTable Charts is what it is today because of those who took a chance on us and with an inestimable sense of gratitude we say: Thank You!

As we celebrate one year of TurnTable Charts, we want to express our profound gratitude to all our partners, subscribers, followers, and all stakeholders and music fans for their resounding support. We will like to reiterate our commitment to the development of Nigerian music and entertainment and we hope to continue to count on your continuous support and patronage.

One year after a moment of boldness and a certain level of madness led to the birth of TurnTable Charts, we look back at the journey and it has been nothing short of breathtaking. Thank you for staying with us. The journey has only begun.

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