• JUNE Tells Us a Story With Juneisatale

Editorial Review of Juneisatale EP

Juneisatale is a musical journey that will leave you mesmerized and satisfied” these were the words with which we captured this EP when we announced its arrival. If you have listened to the EP, you will find that our words were the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Just-You-Not-Everyone (June) is a talented songstress with a powerful vocal range that belongs on the famous opera stages and writing prowess that can deliver a clear and soul-piercing message. June combined these qualities and limitlessly deployed them in conveying what is a personal tale of struggle, fear, doubt, hope, belief, and victory.

The 7 track RnB and Soul EP begins with a spoken word intro that delivers a powerful message to young men and women about self-worth, belief, and confidence. “You are the answer to a generation of prayers” June’s words echoed as it fades into the second track. In the same way, it will keep echoing in your mind and popping into your head unannounced.

The story begins with track two – “The Sojourner’s Story.” June shares how she questioned her purpose, how she missed direction. She tells us about her helplessness and how she feared that it was the end and her unending, desperate, and lonely search for paradise. June’s sensational voice and beautiful lyrics powerfully floated over the melodious piano keys and string quartets to deliver a breathtaking number.

The story continuous in track three – “Fly away.” June shared how she encountered numerous demons in her search for paradise and her battles with these demons lodged in her head. Should she fight the demons head-on or should she fly away, June pondered. June decided to face the demon head-on and brave through the tests. Again, June displayed her singing ability and beautiful writing to deliver a sensational mid-tempo song that combines singing and an impeccable word flow.

“Have you ever felt so lonely?” June asks on track four – “Lonely.” In this song, June shares the struggle of loneliness in a society filled with humans and interconnected by social media. This song gives an insight into the mind bogging and sense-draining challenges of trying to escape a scary solitude. With this song, June displayed her RnB credentials with an effortless delivery over soft drums and beautiful melodies.

After confronting a mind bogging solitude, June thought it was time for some self-reminder. In Track 5, June writes a letter to herself. With “Hey June,” she reminds herself that she’s beautiful, special, and she can be whatever she wants to be. “Don’t ever take the smile away” she reminds herself. June would be hoping that everyone who listens to this beautiful song would replace her name with theirs and hopefully find encouragement in her words.

“DIY” – Do It Yourself is the penultimate track on the EP. June switches effortlessly between pidgin and English to deliver an inspirational single that reminds us that we are special, talented, and we can be all we want to be. And more importantly, June tells us to do it yourself and do it for ourselves. The beautiful story ends with a message of light at the end of the tunnel. “Soon,” tells young artistes that they shouldn’t despair that they would soon hear their songs on the radio. With this song, June shares a message of hope and belief that everything will work out in the end. June will hope that everyone irrespective of career path, goal, or aspirations will find hope and encouragement in this song.

Juneisatale is an EP that gives us an insight into the lonely road June walked. A road filled with black holes of self-doubt, dipping confidence, depleting faith, and shaking belief. June tells us how she navigated this road and how she fought hard not to fall into these dark holes. She isn’t one who’s solely given to the glamorization of life’s travails. In this tale, she shares how after navigating those black holes, she arrived at a place of hope, belief, and faith.

The EP is a combination of celestial singing, beautiful writing, and impeccable production and mastering which combines to create cohesive, mind-blowing, and inspiring music.

With Juneisatale, June brings melody, beauty, and life into Anne Frank’s timeless words; “Beauty remains, even in misfortune. If you just look for it, you discover more and more happiness and regain your balance.”

Juneisatale is a story in which June hopes we will all find hope and strength in confronting the journey ahead and in successfully navigating it. “Juneisatale” has introduced us to June’s limitless talent and we believe that for her, the sky is the limit.

Listen to the EP here

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