• June Releases a New EP titled Juneisatale

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

June takes listeners on an epic journey of anguish & self-doubt that ends with positivity & new-found purpose

JUNE (Just, You, not, everyone) is a distinguishing stage name that instantly stands out once you hear it. Just like her name, June’s voice is also remarkable and will leave you standing at a particular position for minutes. Recently, June released her first body of work “Juniesatale” EP which is an embodiment of her singing prowess and outstanding vocal range.

The EP — June Is A Tale, is an excellent blend of RnB and Soul that tells the story of a continuous journey of dealing with self-doubt and the challenges of building confidence as well as dealing with a feeling of purposelessness and the urge to quit. The artiste lets us into her head as she gives us a peek into her battles with her demons and the constant warzone that’s her mind.

June takes us on a musical journey with the 6 track EP – a journey which begins at a point of self-doubt, depleting confidence, a search for purpose and identity. And with June leading the way, we arrive at a point of positivity and confidence with a bright light at the end of the tunnel. The artiste intends that people might find comfort and encouragement in the songs on her EP and that it would make the somewhat lonely journey of self-doubt and hopelessly less lonely.

At her first attempt, June put together what is undoubtedly a beautiful piece of music that embodies her talent, beliefs, and reality. “Juniesatale” EP is pleasing to the acoustic senses and inspiring to the soul. “Juniesatale” is a short musical journey that will leave you mesmerized and satisfied.

Listen to the EP here

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