• Davido is the Leading Contender for Artiste of the Year

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

Davido is the No. 1 artiste on the Top 50 in the first quarter of 2021

Yes, we know. This is no news. It’s just Davido doing Davido things. However, we must give timely and accurate reportage of the happenings in Nigeria’s music space. So, here we are, bringing you the update and letting you know that yet again, Davido AKA OBO is an early frontrunner for the artiste of the year prize.

This week, TurnTable Charts published the first-quarter report for chart performance in Nigeria. If you’ve read the report (If you haven’t read the report, kindly sign up to our Newsletter to get a copy of the report), you will find that there was a recurring name up at the top half of every list. The artiste is no other person than the man, the legend, the enigma, the force, Davido.

In the first quarter of 2021, Davido accumulated 71.91M streams second only to Omah Lay who had 73.36M streams. Davido had an artiste share of 11.00% of the total streams in the first quarter which was just .22% less than Omah Lay who topped the list. On the songs list, Davido has two songs in the top ten. ‘The Best’ and ‘Jowo’ were placed 8th and 9th respectively with both songs surpassing 11M streams despite being released almost two months into the end of 2020.

Davido did the double on TV in the first quarter of 2021. He was the No. 1 artiste on TV with 231.73M impressions. He also had the No .1 song on TV with ‘Jowo’ which accumulated 118.51M impressions making it the biggest song on TV in the first quarter of 2021. Davido’s fine run extended to the Radio where he yet again led the list as the most played artiste on Radio in the first quarter of 2021. Davido’s supremacy on Radio is captured by the 1.059B impressions his songs gathered thus making him the only artiste to hit the billion mark during the period. This stellar performance accounts for his radio share of 6.940% of the total radio impressions. Davido had two songs on the top radio list with ‘The Best’ and ‘Jowo’ coming in 3rd and 7th respectively.

Davido rounded up the first quarter of 2021 as the artiste with the most points on TurnTable Top 50 with 125.87M points which are 11M more points than the second-placed artiste. He had the highest artiste share with 8.339%. Both ‘Jowo’ and ‘The Best’ made an appearance on the list of the top 10 songs with the most points on TurnTable Top 50 for the first quarter.

From Streaming to TV to Radio, Davido has led without having to look over his shoulder. So far, his collaborations both local and international suggest that he has no intention of slowing down and it's expected that OBO will keep moving at the same pace for the rest of the year.

Although this is an early call based on the first quarter report which is a collation of music consumption data across all platforms. We nevertheless believe that it’s by no means a reach and while it’s still a long way till the end of the year, it’s clear that Davido is leading the race for the artiste of the year prize. We make bold to say it’s his to lose.

You can download the complete Q1 report here

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