• Turntable Charts Announce Partnership with Chocolate City Group

TurnTable Charts, the foremost music chart publication in Nigeria, is pleased to announce a partnership with leading music and entertainment company, Chocolate City Group.

TurnTable Charts is delighted to announce that Cholocate City Music is endorsing TurnTable Charts as a standard music chart publication in Nigeria. This news follows a similar endorsement/partnership announced by the publication recently with Aristokrat Group.

With the continued acceptance of the TurnTable Top 50 as well as the addition of new and improved data points to charts produced by the publication, this is another landmark partnership towards the aggregation of music data in Nigeria.

Since the launch of TurnTable Top 50 on November 9, 2020, the chart aggregates freemium streaming data, Radio, and TV airplay to give an accurate representation of music consumption in Nigeria. TurnTable Top 50 is the first aggregate music chart in Nigeria and it has gone on to become Nigeria’s biggest music chart in terms of data points.

TurnTable Charts are also pleased to announce a partnership with Chocolate City that will see both companies collaborate in the exchange of data and ideas in improving music consumption, documentation, and chart culture in Nigeria. This partnership is in recognition of TurnTable Charts’ efforts in charting a new course for music documentation and music data aggregation in Nigeria.

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