• Burna Boy is Still Going the Distance

Burna Boy Sets New Records on TurnTable Charts

After claiming the most coveted prize in music at the 63rd Grammy Awards, Burna Boy ascended to another level. The self-acclaimed African Giant proved that he wasn’t a giant with feet of clay, and he is truly Africa’s leading global poster boy. It was expected that Burna Boy’s first release after his Grammy win would capture his new status and the addition of a prestigious medal to his already stupendously decorated career.

This expectation wasn’t far-fetched and there was, in fact, precedence for it. In the weeks that followed his first Grammy moment with ‘African Giant,’ Burna Boy released a single titled ‘Odogwu’ which was essentially an announcement that he was a high-ranking chieftain in the Nigerian music scene.

Hence, it was with keen interest that fans and the Nigerian music community awaited Burna Boy’s first post-Grammy win release, and just as expected, The African Giant dropped a single that didn’t disappoint (it is important to note that "Money Play" dropped in December 2019). ‘Kilometre’ is a song that represents the huge distance Burna Boy has covered in a short while. A distance that is so large that the Grammy winner no longer has to look over his shoulders.

In true African Giant fashion, ‘Kilometre’ has gone on to set a new record on TurnTable Charts. The single became the first song to debut on all three of TurnTable Charts (Radio, Streaming, and TurnTable Top 50). This record-breaking debut was evidence of how eagerly fans and the music community anticipated new material from Burna Boy. The song’s warm reception also suggests that fans got just what they wanted from the superstar.

‘Kilometre’ is likely to be the first of several singles and proof that Burna Boy has no intention of taking his foot off the pedal and he intends to retain the speed with which he is moving. ‘Kilometer’ is also a teaser of what is to come in Burna Boy’s upcoming album and just like you, we earnestly look forward to the album.

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