• TurnTable NXT Artiste for April: Myles WRLD

Written by: adegokesimi, simi

The return of TurnTable NXT in 2021 has been nothing short of amazing - not just because of the quality of music on each installment of the TurnTable NXT Playlist but the range and diverseness of music being put out by emerging artistes in Nigeria, affirming that the future of Nigerian music is bright and the new artistes are better set for world domination.

Meet the artiste behind the No. 1 pick on the fourth installment of TurnTable NXT Playlist

TTC: Tell us about yourself.

MYLES WRLD: My name is Oghenemaru Williams. I’m an Urhobo boy from Delta State. I’m the last child out of 9. My parents are staunch Christians.

TTC: "Fool Again" won the poll because of majority believed that it was the best of the bunch. How does it make you feel to know people believe your music is the best song on the playlist?

MYLES WRLD: I can’t even lie about the fact that the feeling was overwhelming, like I was surprised because when I submitted the song that day and I noticed you guys (TurnTable Charts) accepted it. I was surprised to see that out of all the artistes that submitted songs during that week, mine was chosen even when I know I might not exactly be the best out there.

It certainly felt good and seeing that “Fool Again” is my biggest song yet; wherever I play the song, it is accepted immediately unlike my other song sand I even had more people rooting for this song than I have had for any other songs I have put out before.

It is really comforting to know that you are making such progress as a creative.

TTC: How far do you see "Fool Again" as a single going because it seems to have caught the attention of listeners, do you plan to promote the song for it to reach its full potential?

MYLES WRLD: Sure. Actually, I had plans of dropping a video supposedly this month or last month but a few things came up and I just had to put the money into something else but then, I’m not still backing out because I feel it is one of those songs that I will make the hell out of.

TTC: What would you say are some struggles for upcoming artistes like you in Nigeria?

MYLES WRLD: There are a lot of struggles and I’m sure that I am not speaking for myself when I say the biggest struggle of any upcoming artiste in Nigeria is getting studio time. To actually get somewhere to record your songs and having a producer who is going to be patient with you; as an upcoming artiste, it is certain that you are not going to get your sound properly on the first few trials. So having a producer that is ready to be patient with you and your artistry can prove to be difficult.

First of all, to even get that producer you need to be able to afford that studio time and I think during my early days as an artiste, getting studio time was my major problem because where I lived in Delta State at the time, the studio was very expensive. When I relocated to Benin, I began to set up my home studio gradually.

Another issue is promoting the song after it has been made. You have to hype the song enough to make people know that this song will drop at a specific time so they will begin to anticipate it and if you are the kind of person that isn’t active on social media platforms, it becomes even harder. The easiest way out of it is to pay influencers and bloggers to help you hype your songs but when you can’t afford any of those, you have to do it on your own and that is where the real work starts from.

I make use of MUSE then when promoting my songs and thankfully, it yielded some results.

TTC: What will you say is your genre is and how did you come about your sound?

MYLES WRLD: For me, my genre depends on my mood but 90% of the time I do Emo-Rap. As for me, when I started in 2017, I initially wanted to do Afro and it was really difficult at the time because I haven’t really found my sound and something in me was telling me that this isn’t what I should be doing because I wasn’t getting the reactions I expected and some people at the time were telling me that I should keep going with what I was doing and deep down I was like “Fuck it, NO!”So I had to take a long break from music.

It was in 2019 when I moved from my parents’ house to Edo State, life became really hard because after my secondary school I kept thinking about what to do with my life and everything was just weighing on me heavily. To be honest, I really did not decide on what to do and that was the transition period for me that birthed me doing Emo-Rap. I just connected well with the genre.

One of my biggest influence then was Juice WRld, I usually binge on his songs, I still do but then he was like everything to me so I tried to like bring in his own ideas and put in mine and gradually I made a lot of progress and those who followed me from 2019 would know that my sound have really grown a lot over the years. Personally, I can see that my sound have grown a lot because I listen to songs I did about a year or two years ago and I just laugh at myself, looking back to how far I’ve come and it feels so good.

TTC: Do you have any upcoming project coming up?

MYLES WRLD: Yes I have a song coming out next month though I don’t see it being as successful as “Fool Again.” I do hope that I break this jinx that happens to those songs I make and I loved from the first time I listened to it. However, when I play it out for somebody to listen to, it’s not as captivating as those songs I dumped somewhere for some time. It always surprises me because I spend hours, days, weeks, sometimes a whole month working on a song and you bring it out and people don’t like it, it can be frustrating.

TTC: If you would want to do collaboration with any of the big artistes out there, who would you want that to be?

MYLES WRLD: This question is very tough. Right now I’m stuck between choosing Post Malone and Drake but based on how beneficial it will be on my career I think I would rather collaborate with Drake because Drake’s collaboration at the moment is worth almost everything. Nobody jumps in a song with Drake and doesn’t benefit largely from it, so I think Drake sits at the very top for me.

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