• TurnTable NXT Artiste for April: Meet psiv

Written by: adegokesimi, simi

The return of TurnTable NXT in 2021 has been nothing short of amazing - not just because of the quality of music on each installment of the TurnTable NXT Playlist but the range and diverseness of music being put out by emerging artistes in Nigeria, affirming that the future of Nigerian music is bright and the new artistes are better set for world domination.

Meet the artiste behind the No. 1 pick on the third installment of TurnTable NXT Playlist

TTC: Tell us about yourself.

psiv: My name is Bobo Bankong and I am known as psiv (pronounced as ps4), a multi-genre artist, which means I make music across multiple genres; I do trap as well as a whole lot of other music. So I have been making music since I was about 9 years old but officially started putting out music in 2018. However, it wasn’t until 2020 that I released my official debut single “Gang Land,” which was the first single to be released. My latest single came out this year on 30th of March 2021.

A number people might know me from my debut project which welcomed people to where I’m from, that is Nigeria. The project had a purpose from the very first track to the last, an attempt to depict the Nigerian experience such as poverty, police brutality to the more exciting experiences like Lagos on a Friday night. That sums up my debut project.

TTC: "MBAPPE" won the poll because of majority agree that it was the best of the bunch. How does this make you feel to know people believe your music is their favorite song on the playlist?

psiv: It makes me feel glad because there are some kinds of gratification that comes with putting out great music and getting the credit for it. So with “MBAPPE,” I just wanted people to feel the music because the song has a deeper meaning to it.

I can relate to it because I and Mbappe are age mates and I just feel like we have the same tendencies and potentials at the end of the day.

TTC: How far do you see ‘MBAPPE’ as a single going because it seems to have caught the attention of listeners, do you plan to promote the song for it to reach its full potential?

psiv: Yes, I have every intention to keep promoting the song. It’s very important for purposeful music to reach its full potential. Like I said, the whole project was me trying to pass a big message and for every song, there was clear message behind it.

So it’s very important that as much people as possible listen to the song and understand it from their own point of view.

TTC: What will you say is your major genre is?

psiv: Like I said earlier, I’m a multi-genre artist. I do drill and currently I’m working on a Nigeria drill song. I also do Afro swing which is like the birth child of Afrobeats and UK garage music, so it’s a full-on genre on its own. Also, on my Apple Music page, you will see about three Afro swing songs and you can expect more of it in the future.

I do Afro-Fusion as well. At the end of the day, they are all Afrobeats style. So basically, there is not any genre I can’t do so far I get to tell people what I want to tell them through my music because it’s a universal language.

TTC: Do you have any upcoming project?

psiv: Yes I do, but I don’t want to say too much about it, so let’s start with the one that is currently out because we are still soaking it in. However, you can expect a whole lot of adaptation in various art forms in relation to that project.

TTC: If you want to do collaboration with any of the big artistes out there, who would it be?

psiv: I will love to work with Rema and Starboy because I really love when I see young stars holding their own.

Rema is so versatile when it comes to range and genre-blending, if you feature him in a song he can work with your sound. Also, to do i at that young age, he didn’t let the pressure get to him and he is still coming out strong.

I would also love to work with Burna Boy because he is a great talent and he has had a lot of influence on my sound as an artiste as well. On a global scale or internationally, I would love to work with Travis Scott. For UK, definitely has to be Central Cee, Headie One, Skepta, and Dave.

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