• TurnTable NXT Artiste for April: Viveeyan

Written by: adegokesimi, simi

The return of TurnTable NXT in 2021 has been nothing short of amazing - not just because of the quality of music on each installment of the TurnTable NXT Playlist but the range and diverseness of music being put out by emerging artistes in Nigeria, affirming that the future of Nigerian music is bright and the new artistes are better set for world domination.

For the first installment of TurnTable NXT, Viveeyan's "Taya Me," an EDM-infused RnB record that would leave you hooked from the first 30 seconds, emerged the favorite pick on the playlist and it is hard to argue against that choice. It is only appropriate that you get to meet the talented voice behind that brilliant record

TTC: "Taya Me" won the poll because the majority believe that it was the best of the bunch. How does it make you feel to know people believe your music is the best song on the playlist?

Viveeyan: I feel very happy that they are people out there that believe in my sound. It’s one thing to write a song and think it’s awesome and it’s another thing for people to believe it’s awesome, so I am very excited and very honored to know that people believe in my creation.

TTC: How far do you see "Taya me" as a single going because it seems to have caught the attention of listeners. Do you plan to promote the song for it to reach its full potential?

Viveeyan: I see "Taya Me" going very far. What just happened with the poll is that it affirmed the fact that it’s a very good song so there are plans in the work to promote it and help it reach its full potential.

TTC: What will you say is the major struggle of upcoming artistes in Nigeria?

Viveeyan: I think one of the major struggles of upcoming artistes in Nigeria is the access to fund. As an upcoming artiste, you need to market your songs and to do that you need a lot of capital so not having enough capital is a very big struggle for an upcoming artiste.

TTC: Do you think the capital intensiveness platforms such are radio and TV stations makes them deliberating out of reach for emerging artistes?

Viveeyan: Basically, yes, it is capital intensive but I don't think there is a deliberate plan to shut out emerging artistes from radio and TV. Though I have not tried to put my songs on radio or TV stations - I do think that an upcoming artiste would prefer to start work on digital platforms and as they grow bigger or luckily they have the backing of a solid record label, then they can get their songs on radio and TV. But I won’t say they (radio and TV stations) make it deliberately out of reach because when you say 'deliberately', it comes off as if there is a plan to shut out emerging artiste and most emerging artistes don’t have enough capital so they stick to their digital platforms and gather awareness first before they move to radio and TV stations.

TTC: "Taya Me", what is the story behind it?

Viveeyan: It is basically about someone who has experienced love before.

TTC: Do you have any upcoming project coming up?

Viveeyan: Yes, I have like a lot of upcoming projects in the works, features with artiste and a personal project of mine.

TTC: If you would want to do a collaboration with any established artiste out there ASAP, who would you want that to be?

Viveeyan: That's a very tough question but i will go with M.I.

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