• TurnTable NXT is Back and It is Bigger & Better

Bigger, Better, More Exciting - TurnTable NXT is Back

The Nigerian music scene is a vast industry with a steady inflow of emerging artistes striving to get their music to a larger audience with the hopes of catching the right attention. If there’s anything that is in abundant supply in the Nigerian music industry, it’s the abundance of talent. However, the talents far outnumber the available opportunities.

As a result of scarce opportunities, emerging artistes have adopted different strategies to get their music to a larger audience and into the right spaces. In an attempt to give emerging and relatively unknown artistes a platform, different brands have created various platforms through which emerging artistes can showcase their talents. However, there can never be enough platforms to satisfy a large number of aspiring artistes.

TurnTable Charts, while documenting the consumption and growth of the Nigerian music industry through a credible all-encompassing music chart, we discovered that the emerging artistes sector is not catered for. The desire to give emerging artistes a platform to get their music to a larger audience is what necessitated the birth of TurnTable NXT.

During the past year, TurnTable NXT was put on hold to allow us to concentrate on building TurnTable Top 50 which is Nigeria’s foremost chart that aggregates both streaming, Radio, and TV platforms to give a perfect representation of music consumption in Nigeria. We have been able to build Nigeria’s first standard Chart while also redefining music chart culture in Nigeria. While building TurnTable Top 50, we were also brainstorming on ways to make TurnTable NXT more fun, effective, and competitive. We are glad to announce that TurnTable NXT is back and this time, it’s bigger and better. The rebranded TurnTable NXT has exciting features that include NXT Chart, NXT Playlist, NXT Interviews, and NXT Polls.


Yes, you heard that right - a chart for emerging artiste

TurnTable NXT chart will be the standard chart for emerging artistes. The chart will aggregate freemium streaming platforms, Radio, and TV to capture the progress of emerging artistes. The chart will also give fans and the music community an insight into the top-performing songs and introduce them to a wide variety of emerging artistes. To qualify for the NXT Chart an artiste must not have had at least five of the following:

  1. Notched multiple (5) Top 200 songs on Apple Music
  2. 50,000 views on YouTube Music on solo tracks
  3. 500,000 total streams on Audiomack
  4. 300,000 streams on Spotify
  5. One chart entry on TurnTable Top 50 Chart
  6. One chart entry TurnTable Top Streaming chart
  7. Multiple (5) songs with over 100 radio airplay
  8. Multiple (3) songs with 50 TV airplay.


Emerging artistes can send their singles to TurnTable for inclusion in the TurnTable NXT playlist. The NXT Playlist will be available on Apple Music, Audiomack, Spotify, and YouTube. The Playlist will be updated weekly and artistes can send in their entries at the beginning of every week.


At the end of each week, there will be a poll on Twitter for listeners and fans to vote their favorite song from the NXT Playlist. The top three most voted artistes shall be interviewed by TurnTable Charts. The number one artistes from each week will progress to the second round which will take place at the end of the month. The winners of the second rounds will go head to head in the final round which will take place in the month preceding the release of TurnTable Magazine. The winner of the final round will be featured in the second edition of TurnTable Magazine.

TurnTable Charts is also partnering with different Local and International brands to make the NXT polls attractive and also serve as a launching pad for emerging artistes. The partnerships and their accompanying attractions shall be announced in due course.


The top three most voted artistes will be interviewed by TurnTable Charts. The interview will be a fun and interactive one on one which will give an insight into the artistes and their music. The interview will also help artistes generate publicity for their projects and brands.

TurnTable NXT is TurnTable Chart’s little way of contributing to the growth of the Nigerian music industry. The aim is to give emerging artistes a platform to showcase their talents to a larger audience and take their music to the next level. TurnTable Charts is opened to collaboration from various brands and industry players who will like to contribute or play a role in the TurnTable NXT.

TurnTable NXT promises to be exciting and competitive, and Who knows, it might be the platform to discover future Headies and Grammy winners.

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