• Teezle T's Addictive New Single is Out

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

Teezle T's "Addiction" is just the refreshing new track for the weekend

Emerging artiste, Teezle T, has released a brand new single titled “Addiction.” The track, produced by Jess ETA, is Teezle T’s first single off his upcoming Pulsar EP

It’s been a long time coming for Teezle T who has been working hard in the studio to put together a body of work that will capture his creativity and his sound’s peculiarity.

“Addiction” is the first peek into his unique sound. Teezle T believes “Addiction” is his best work yet and the song will leave music lovers addicted.

The track is out on now - listen to Addiction on all platforms. You can also follow @tEEzleTee on Twitter.

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