• Beyoncé, 2Baba or Zlatan Set to Launch at No. 1 on TV Top Songs Chart

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

It is a three-way race for No. 1 on the first issue of TV Top Songs Chart

During the week, TurnTable Charts announced four new charts that reflects music consumption metrics in Nigeria, one of them is the Top TV Songs Chart, a weekly chart of the most popular songs on cable TV channels in Nigeria.

The first issue of the chart will be revealed on Monday, September 7 and the race for No. 1 on the chart is between Beyoncé, 2Baba and Zlatan.


Beyoncé’s “ALREADY” featuring Shatta Wale and Major Lazer is ahead in the race in terms of number of plays. The official video of "ALREADY" released on July 31, along with Beyonce's Black is King film, features Ghanaian artiste, Shatta Wale, and Jamaican-American EDM trio, Major Lazer. The song got its most plays on Trace Mziki and Trace Naija during the tracking week.


The official video of 2Baba’s “Opo” featuring Wizkid, released on August 3, is slightly behind "Already" in the race. The song got its most plays during the tracking week on Trace Naija and Trace Mziki.

Rahman Jago, Jamo Pyper & Zlatan’s “Of Lala” is the wildcard in the race for No. 1. The song got airplay on just two stations during the tracking week, Trace Naija and Sound City. However, its 73 plays from Trace Naija could see it launch at No. 1 due to the larger weight of Trace Naija; TurnTable Charts employs a weight system based on airplay and audience share in the determination of points used for ranking on TV Top Songs Chart.

The first issue of TurnTable TV Top Songs will be revealed on Monday, September 7.

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