• Talent Meets Class on ZUZU THE EP

Written by: Okoli, David

Editorial Review of ZUZU THE EP

There's more to life than basic needs, humans love to explore and stand out in style; but more interestingly ,we love to pay attention and vibe to trend. Being trendy is an art on its own and gives a social vibe, color, edge and grace in society today.

Then there's the exponential benefits of living lavish in style ;the street credibility ,the likes ,the fashion,the balling ,unwinding ,the vibes and the attention of pretty women. It's a picture in the mind's gallery .

The picture becomes more animated when you take a ride on an artiste's wave. It's important for artistes to stay trendy and connect with the audience at large. I understand how important it is to live comfortably in your skin and express your art in a way the audience connects to your trends and slangs . This pattern of lavish style and trend was exemplified in ZUZU THE EP. It goes further to capture some emotions attached to the lifestyle portrayed .

Afrobeats artistes seek to take advantage of sounds to express themselves and showcase their talent. The swag is obvious and the trend is evident as Bensman takes his turn to make a statement about his quality of music in the 6-track sizzling ZUZU THE EP .

On "Zuzu" the first track on the EP, Bensman tags along to the "Who dey Zuzu" phrase that trended courtesy Davido. "Zuzu" takes its root from Igboland, Nigeria which means- "misbehave." He takes his time on the beat to emphasize the need to cut anyone misbehaving into size. The second verse talks about being in his element and staying positive. It captures a caution like vibe ,telling whoever wishes to misbehave and disturb the flow to not "Zuzu". It's interestingly, a warning song, delivered on a calm beat.

The second track on the EP, "Falling For You" stands out as it expresses a vulnerable side of Bensman but syncs with the preceding song as it lays on a cool tempo beat , It stands to reason that he doesn't feel alone in sharing his feelings as he features OJ who takes the first verse. OJ expresses his desire for a lady and his conviction that he's ready to make sacrifices for her.

The Afrobeats style is captured clearer on the hook as the drums roll in together under the power of OJ's thrilling voice. On this track, Bensman stays true to himself as he brings his luxurious style into securing the attention of his love interest. Like a poet, he glorifies her body, painting a picture of desire, attraction, and lust using a fine combination of words.

The third track "High Fashion" takes a different sound. With a string like ,high tempo sound with well placed pauses that makes a distinct beat , Bensman rides the beat in swashbuckling manner that leaves no doubt that his clean and expensive swag matches his sizzling talents.

The fourth track, "Honesty" exposes Bensman's emotions and quest for a honest relationship. With the understanding that inspiring a woman’s love goes beyond luxury, swag, and a face to die for, Bensman searches for more. He expressed his desire for a love that will endure in the face of adversity and longs for a feeling that will remain unshaken when the chips are down.

The fifth track ,"Shine" merges catchy afro-fusion sound and a tingling amapiano styled drum roll to create a high tempo track for the party people who enjoy a good time. He starts on a cool Tempo but transits smoothly to the dancing grove. This track establishes Bensman as a vibe machine with the ability to create club banging jams.

On the final track "Butterfly," Bensman showcases his range through trap-style melodies over a chilled laid back beat. With a classy vibe, he shares his idea of a good time — Chilling with the girl of his dreams, floating on the high wave, counting his money.

With ZUZU THE EP, Bensman gives us a peak into his run of thoughts, emotions, style, and vibe. The sound is catchy, the tune is delicious, and the content is relatable and trendy. Bensman displayed an impressive bravery to try a fusion of sounds and styles to create a distinctive sound. It’s a lifestyle textured project that would be a worthy playlist addition .

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