• Ghanaian African Folk Band Agorsor Takes Us On A Trip Across The Soul Of The Continent With Their Debut Album, Hugadem

Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

The album is one for lovers of good music

It’s not often that you find an African artiste that creates African folk song and whenever you do, it’s always amazing especially when the music carries the originality, sound, and essence of the diverse, spectacular, and colorful continent. It’s more special when you find a band that makes African music in a manner that transcends language barriers, culture, and have you relishing the diverse sound spread across the continent.

“HUGADEM” which directly translates to “The Absolute is Married to Me” in English, an eight-track composition of original songs that discusses the many complex dimensions of the concept of spiritual presence. The band which came together in 2000 releases their debut album after 20 years of making music. The band is made of sensational singer, painter, and dancer Nyornuwofia Agorsor (vocals, songwriting), whose acrobatic voice and movements are enhanced by talented instrumentalists Kofi Agorsor (songwriter, various instruments), Kofi Acheampong (Percussion), Emmanuel “Chico” Napour (conga), Julius Quaye (gome) Magaret Selasi Gbindey (bvs) and Dzimesah “Yoga” Boku (compositions, xylophone, flute, gome, conga, gonje). And together, they create timeless music that explores the peculiarity of the African and human journey through a complex world. “Hugadem” is an album that offers lessons into the vanity of the world and encouragement for humans to lead a life that serves a purpose.

Nyornuwofia Agorsor, the eponymous band leader is a talented painter who has been around music all her life. And she incorporates the elements of her painting to create colorful music that captures her world view delivered through a remarkable artistic channel.

If you’re a fan of African folk music, you will be flabbergasted by Agorsor’s rich percussion blend and acoustic instrumentation. Their powerful lyrics that touch on loss, love, hope, and belief will touch your heart and make put you in a reflective mood.

“HUGADEM” is for everyone who loves African music. It’s for everyone who wishes to explore the diverse sound that makes cuts across the African continent. It’s for everyone who wishes to embark on a journey of discovery. “HUGADEM” is for everyone who loves good music.

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