Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

KomzEE's new EP is a display of his talents and the result is great music

Hello, you’re welcome to this flight. Kindly fasten your seat belt as we are about to take off. If you reach under your seat, you will find a headset, kindly put it on as we get ready to float on the “Cosmic Wave.”

What you’re about to listen to is an exceptional EP that will blow your mind and leave you marveling at Komzee’s talent, range, and originality. The EP is an Afropop four-track EP that combines distinguishing melody, catchy lyrics, and sensational production to deliver a piece of pleasant music that will leave you wanting more.

Let us begin with the first track titled “Let Her Go”. KomzEE opens the EP on a lover boy note as he professed his love for Nkechi his love interest. He promises to lavish her with his riches and offer her all the luxuries needed to sustain the interest of a damsel. Sadly, it turns out that despite his best efforts and intentions Nkechi couldn’t stay loyal to him and Komzee had to let her go. Thus, Nkechi joined the long list of Nigerian damsels that inspired Nigerian Afrobeat sensations to record a heartbreak-inspired single. “Let Her Go” has a sensational beat that is subtle on the ears and perfectly complemented by KomzEE’s faultless delivery. If you’re already nodding to the kick and moving your shoulders to the melody, then it’s a pleasure to inform you that you’re floating on the Cosmic Wave.

Understandably, you will find the first single to be so exceptional that you will be tempted to put it on repeat. However, we must continue to ride this cosmic wave. Now to the second track. KomzEE, fresh off his unceremonious heartbreak in the hands of Nkechi, refuses to lie down and say die. He gets up on his feet and reminds his doubters that he’s a big man in a young body (B.M.Y.B) and he can hold his own. B.M.Y.B is an extravagant display of Komzee’s talent as he delivers top verses and a catchy hook over a mid-tempo beat in a style that will have several A-list artistes licking their lips. And the adlibs on this single…oh the adlibs will blow your mind.

You’ve heard KomzEE display his talent extravagantly in B.M.Y.B. Now, you will witness an extravagant display of range with track three “Joanna”. After bouncing back from the emotional setback he suffered from Nkechi, KomzEE now has a new love interest and she’s “Joanna”. She has his love-struck and he’s losing his senses over her. If anything, you might need to cut Komzee some slacks as the lyrics give a verisimilitude of a dashing woman— “Confidence of a Nigerian and the backside of a South African” — even you will agree that this is a deadly combination that will have any man in a chokehold. “Joanna” is a lovely tune spiced with a Caribbean-style beat, sensational singing, and a delicious hook.

KomzEE ends the EP on a high note with “Selekta”. On this track, Komzee features Premium and they combined to create a top jam. On “Selekta” KomzEE switches between Yoruba, pidgin, English, and French to deliver a feel-good love song over a melodious beat dressed with perfect chords and catchy trumpet. KomzEE and Premium switch seamlessly and blended perfectly to create a song that captures Komzee’s artistry and originality.
Ladies and gentlemen, now you’re riding on the “Cosmic Wave”. You will experience the following: delight, thrill; you will marvel, you will be dance, and you will be blown away.

Now you can put the EP on repeat and enjoy the ride. Listen here

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