• The Indefatigable Chart-Topper

Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

There is no stopping Omah Lay

Omah Lay might be viewed in some quarters as the kid punching above his weight and some may have their reservations about how much longer he can sustain the superstar status he unprecedentedly achieved. Anyone with reservations about Omah Lay’s quality might need to have a rethink as Omah Lay has once again displayed that he’s in the business of releasing chart-toppers.

After the release of his second EP “WHAT HAVE WE DONE,” Omah Lay appeared on few collaborations notably the remix of Gyakie’s “Forever” which rocketed to the No.1 spot on the Top 50, Ajebo Hustlers' "Pronto" which peaked at No. 3 and recently, "Peaches (Remix)" which peaked at No. 4. Since the release of his second EP in December, Omah Lay hasn’t released any single, and while briefly away, he was frequently accosted with questions of his next release and constantly implored by fans to release new music.

Last week, Omah Lay decided it was time for new music and released his first single of 2021 he titled “Understand”. And a week later, Omah Lay has the No.1 song in Nigeria, yet again. “Understand” is an Omah Lay special that is acoustically pleasing, bound to be on every lip, and positioned for an inexplicably successful run. After the first listen, you will be left with no doubt about the song’s quality and he did all of this without having to break a sweat.

As we enter the last weeks of what has turned out to be a mind-blowing summer for Nigerian music, it’s only befitting that Omah Lay should register his presence in sensational fashion. The already heated race for the song of the summer just got more heated, and with “Understand” in the running, it’s bound to go down to the wire.

Omah Lay’s stellar performance in the past has raised expectations even to an unfair level and yet, Omah Lay continues to deliver spectacularly and he makes it all look so effortless. His talents can’t be doubted and his ability to make beautiful music can’t be questioned. And for those who still think it’s all a fluke, all we can say is that just like Omah Lay, we just can’t understand.

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