• Dani Draco Has His Finger on The Trigger And No One Will Be Spared

Written by: Ayomide , Oriowo

Editorial Review of "Trigger"

Ghanaian rising star Dani Draco has his fingers on the trigger and the music scene is about to get hit. The upcoming alte star made this clear in his latest single “Trigger” which is one of the singles from his upcoming EP “Higher Life.”

In this single, Dani Draco gives an insight into the drive and hunger of a young man to carve out a piece of paradise for himself in an ever-challenging world. Dani Draco showed his range in a reggae style flow that punctuated the bouncy alte beat to create a song that gives off a catchy alte vibe.

In “Trigger,” Dani Draco shares that he’s a kid off the block whose life has been given its fair share of challenges. These challenges have made him stronger and given him an urge to desire all the pleasures of life and the drive to chase them. Dani Draco shares that he’s ready to go the extra mile for what he wants and he’s going to confront anything standing in his way.

The song produced by Dani Draco is a display of his diverse talent and a message to the industry that a new kid is coming to upset the order. “Trigger” is a feel-good music achieved through good writing, great delivery, and impeccable production. “Trigger” has greatly raised our anticipation of Dani Draco’s upcoming EP and we can’t wait to see what he has lined up.

Listen to the song here

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