• Ibeji Takes Us On a Journey With "Gonto"

Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

The first few seconds of this music will transport you to a western era where you might find yourself in a bar, tending to a bottle of scotch while watching from the window as Clint Eastwood engages in a gun duel. Alternatively, you might find yourself at the apex of Olumo Rock, sipping palm wine while watching the pantheon of Yoruba gods decide the faith of mankind. Whatever it may be, this music is sure to take you on a trance.

'Gonto' is a tale of the victory of tiny masquerades in the face of a selfish big masquerade that will not let other voices rise. Rich in metaphor, the hugely orchestral 'Gonto' is an out of body experience that takes the listener on a journey, which at once captures the casual insensitivity of the powerful but also the daring of a new generation of believers whose defeat of fear make confrontation inevitable.

Ibeji dug deep and frighteningly unleashed his talent with this single he titles ‘Gonto.’ This song saw the artsite embark on an inquiry into the travails of man in carving out a better future for himself in a difficult world. The song captures the unquenchable zeal with which he chases his dream, and his determination to not allow anything to stand in his way. The song is traditional poetry delivered over calm drums punctuated by string quartets and a melodious violin performance that will take you on a journey.

Ibeji displayed his writing prowess that is complemented with his rich voice which combined to give the song a folkloric feeling. With ‘Gonto,’ Ibeji joins the shortlist of artistes redefining traditional music and giving it a contemporary touch that makes it appealing to a younger audience. The song is the artistic work of an artiste who’s a master of his craft and a production team that outdid themselves to create an unforgettable symphony.

This music is highly recommended for those who enjoy Nigerian folk music. And for those who love rich writing and flawless delivery. This music is for those who enjoy trance-like music that speaks to the mind. ‘Gonto’ is for everyone who loves beautiful music.

Watch the video of "Gonto" below

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