• KVO's "Odun" is a Tale of Bittersweet Love

Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

KVO delivers one of the best performances of the year on "Odun"

“It hurts so much, but I will have it no other way” that’s the feeling this song evokes. Listening to this song will make you feel pity for KVO. It will have you thinking “Damn! Shit is sad”. I mean what’s fun about unrequited love? But at some point, your feeling will change from that of pity to subtle anger, maybe irritation. You will find yourself saying “just let her go dummy.” That’s the type of feelings KVO inspires with this beautiful song.

‘Odun’ is a song about a man’s hopeless love for a woman. A love which he expressed with all he had and all of him, but which sadly wasn’t enough to retain her attention and inspire her love. She left KVO when the chips were down and all attempts by him to get her to ‘reason with him’ didn’t work. But our lover boy just can’t help himself. He’s intoxicated by her love and he wants her at all cost. Her love is sweet (Odun) and he can't get enough.

‘Odun’ is an afro-pop song with a melodious beat that is subtle on the ear and pleasing to the acoustic senses. KVO’s impeccable delivery complimented the beat and anyone who has been in love at some point might be able to relate to the lyrics.

This song is a beautiful song that is a reminder of KVO’s frightening talent and his ability to make sensational, delightful, enjoyable, and yet simple music. And when you get to listen to this beautiful song you too will agree that ‘odun.’

You can watch the video of "Odun" below

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