• Arewa Na Kuka debuts on YouTube Top Songs following Aisha Buhari’s Tweet

Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

Adam A Zango's "Arewa na Kuka" debuted on YouTube NG Top Songs at No. 38 following Aisha Buhari’s video

While Youths in the South are calling for a dissolution of a rogue police unit and an all-round Police reform. Northern youths have a different axe to grind. Northern youths are calling for an end to insecurity in the North and the peculiarities of the Northern situation is captured within the hashtag— SECURE NORTH.

The #ENDSARS and #SECURENORTH protests took an interesting turn when the First Lady joined the protest on Twitter by posting a clip of the President and his Security Chiefs with the soundtrack “Arewa na Kuka” which means “the North is Crying.” The soundtrack conveyed the heightened case of insecurity in the North and the desperation of the Northerners who are calling on an absent President to rise to the occasion and stop the blood and tears flowing in the North.

The First Lady’s tweet might have been considered in some quarters to be in poor taste and to be intensely disparaging of the President. However, the nature of the tweet and the message therein captures the desperation and helplessness of the people.

The First Lady’s tweet didn’t go unnoticed, and the message contained in the soundtrack caught the attention of the public. Since the First Lady’s tweet, the song “Arewa na Kuka” has gained traction on YouTube. The track debuted at No. 38 on YouTube, which is its debut appearance on the top 100. The increased activity of the song on YouTube is certainly tied to the First Lady's Twitter post.

While the First Lady’s post is the springboard that launched the track to a larger audience. “Arewa na Kuka” should not require the continuous patronage of the First Lady to stay relevant. The song captures the reality of the Northerners and would certainly continue to inspire the people for as long as the North remains unsafe.

You can listen to the song here

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