• Jess ETA Brings the Fire in His Latest Single

Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

Jess ETA taps S Bling, Buju and Inci for a sizzling record

On the 2nd of April, Jess ETA released his latest single “Body on Fire” featuring Inci and Buju. The song features vocals from all three artistes with Jess Eta coming first to describe how a certain female Fatale (Inci) has caught his interest. Jess particularly emphasizes how he’s spellbound by this gorgeous woman and how desperately wants to be engulfed by the flames of her beauty.

Next came Inci our drop-dead flamingly gorgeous female Fatale. Inci has no interest in playing coy. She taunts Jess by telling him she notices how the little things she does leave him panting, sweating, and wanting more. Inci takes it a step further by rubbing it in Jess’s face that his desperation for her body is so strikingly obvious and she knows he can’t get enough of her. Her verse ends with an acknowledgment that her body was indeed on fire.

Not to be outdone by Jess, Buju went all lover boy on Inci. He tells Inci she has all his attention even though she wasn’t a soldier. A line which is quite a lot coming from a Nigerian. Buju decides to knock off his competition by pulling off his best impression of a rapper. He tells our female Fatale that she’s got his attention and he was willing to give it all up for her, and she doesn’t have to mention. That she’s the center of attraction, and for her, he would fight at a junction, after which they will attend a function and chill at a section.

In between the verses, Jess delivers a scintillating chorus that showers our female Fatale with praises as much as it reiterates his hopeless obsession with her body. Jess ETA likes to describe his music as a fusion of afrobeat and RnB jingle to create calm and acoustically pleasing music that soothes the ears and relaxes the mind. According to Jess, his music is the perfect blend of sounds for chilling. After listening to “Body on Fire”, we couldn’t resist the urge to describe Jess ETA’s sound as “Afro Chill”

The symphony in “Body on Fire” makes it an enjoyable and beautiful piece of music. The track produced by S’Bling displays Jess ETA’s range as an artiste and as a producer. The trio delivered what is a beautiful collaboration that leaves craving more. We expect “Body on Fire” to go on to enjoy good airplay run on several radio stations and also introduce Jess ETA to the Nigerian mainstream market. We have to admit that we are curiously looking forward to Jess’s next single. Perhaps it would be a feature with Inci that is if he gets to win the heart of our flamingly gorgeous female Fatale.

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