Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

Teezle T is open about his addictions to his lover

“Addiction” is an RnB song where Teezle T proclaims his undying love for his love interest by letting her know she’s his addiction. Teezle T seems completely and irrevocably in love with his love interest so much that he acknowledges being obsessed with her. Most people who have listened to “Addiction” might be able to relate to Teezle T’s lyrics because as much as we may not like to admit it, we have all been heads over heels for someone at some point in our lives.

The song produced by JESS ETA and mixed by DOZ is an RnB beat with a touch of Afro jingles which allowed Teezle T to deliver a sonically coherent piece of music. From the lyrics, Teezle T did not only admit to being addicted, but he also declared his readiness to outdo himself in a bid to sustain the love of his love interest.


The song’s artwork captures the essence of the song through the depiction of a woman whose long hair is connected to Teezle T’s beards. The artwork brings to mind the interconnected trees of Pandora in James Cameron’s Avatar. Teezle T seems connected to his love interest from whom he draws inspiration, hope, and the will to live.

“Addiction” is a beautiful love song with emotionally charged lyrics that declares a wild, daring, and undying love. The calm nature of the song and its coherence makes it pleasing to the acoustic senses. “Addiction” will be a great addition to your love playlist. We also expect Teezle T to enjoy airplay on several Radio stations' RnB playlists.

If you enjoyed Teezle T’s “Addiction” as much as we did, then we believe you must be excited to hear what he has coming next. “Addiction” sure left us addicted and we can’t wait to get hooked on the ecstasy Teezle T got lined up.

The track is out on now - listen to Addiction on all platforms. You can also follow @tEEzleTee on Twitter.

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