• Why Outside Is The Most Important Album in Burna Boy's Discography

Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

Some would call it his best album, others would call it the album that showed Burna's range the most; whatever side you fall into, Outside is undeniably Burna Boy's most important album

Three years ago, Burna Boy released his third studio album titled Outside. The 13 track album would launch Burna Boy into international fame, earn him superstar status, and also become the name tag for his group of hardcore followers.

Naming his album Outside, was most probably a way for Damini Ogulu A.K.A Burna Boy to capture his industry status at the time. A peek in the dictionary for the definition OUTSIDE supplies the following meaning.

The Part of something that faces out: the outer surface

The external appearance of something

The space beyond some limit or boundary

All these definitions could be said to have been represented in the album. The eponymously named track 13 highlighted Burna Boy’s struggles with the outside world and the dangers and the challenges of growing up in the “jungle.” Most especially, Outside was a display of Burna Boy’s unlimited talent and limitless range.

Despite arguably being Burna Boy’s best album yet as at the time and having sensational tracks like “Ye,” “Rock Your Body,” and “Heaven’s Gate” the album seemed not to be headed for immediate commercial success. The quality of the album suggested it was going to be a catalog album at best but the universe had other plans.

Burna Boy performing Ye

Six months after Burna Boy released Outside, Kanye West released a new album titled “Ye” and the coincidence brought Burna Boy’s “Ye” huge international attention, and the rest, as they say, is history. Unsurprisingly, “Ye’s” newfound fame placed it heads and shoulders above the other tracks in the album and made it even more popular than the album, and it became Burna Boy’s first groundbreaking hit.

At the third time of asking, Outside brought Burna Boy the superstar status he craved, and along with it came cult followership that was christened Outsiders. It is now three years since the release of Outside and Burna Boy has never looked back. He built on “Ye’s” commercial acclaim and a year later he released his fourth album titled the “African Giant” which was a bold assertion of his place in the African music scene.

Three years after “Ye” became an intercontinental success, a national anthem, and Burna Boy becoming a household name, the artiste has gone from an outsider lurking in the shadows of Wizkid and Davido (the top two artistes of their generation) to being a two-time Grammy-nominated artiste, a multi-award-winning superstar, and the face of the Afrobeats to the World campaign.

“Outside” really did bring Burna Boy outside, showcased his monumental talent, and created an African Giant.

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