• Omah Lay is Becoming a Giant Killer on the Charts

Written by: Adeayo, Adebiyi

"Godly' and "Infinity" have remained the No. 1 and No. 2 song in Nigeria for seven consecutive weeks

In the Nigerian music industry, there is such a phase known as the upcoming stage. This is the stage an artiste must navigate before reaching the apex of the music industry. The upcoming stage is a tricky stage that requires hard work, consistency, and luck. There are, however, very few artistes who didn’t have to go through the upcoming stage. For these artistes, their ascension to the top was from the relatively unknown to superstardom.

An example of such an artiste is Omah Lay whose “Get Layd EP” took him from an unknown artiste from Port Harcourt and shot him into nationwide fame. “Get Layd” Omah Lay consolidated upon his newfound fame by releasing a second EP titled “What Have We Done” within the space of six months. The title of Omah Lay’s second EP captures the surreal run and wide acceptance of his project.

Bad Influence

Omah Lay’s rise to superstardom saw the introduction of a new kid on the block who was churning out hits like it's nothing and giving the big names a run for their money. Since the release of his first EP, Omah Lay has been enjoying an excellent run on various charts and his fairy tale run doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. His run last year spurned six songs on the End of the Year TurnTable Top 50 for 2020 along with several #1s on the End of the Year Charts 2020; you can read it here

So we are tempted to ask the question: Who can take on Nigeria’s new superstar? You’re probably tempted to mention one of the big names, but don’t be too sure. You want to know why? Here’s why.

Omah Lay’s “Godly” has spent a record-breaking seven consecutive weeks at the top of TurnTable Top 50. As if that is not enough, Olamide’s and Omah Lay’s “Infinity” has occupied the number two spot for nine non-consecutive weeks. On the Streaming Chart, Omah Lay boasts of the top 3 longest Number 1 songs. This feat proves Omah Lay’s unrivaled streaming success and his ability to replicate this on different occasions.

All through the weeks the artiste has spent at the summit of the TurnTable Top 50, several hits by top artistes have competed for the top spot, but they have so far been kept at arm’s length by Omah Lay’s “Godly” – and Olamide’s “Infinity” with Omah Lay. Since the week “Godly” dethroned Davido’s “The Best” from the top of the chart, it has fended off strong competitions from Davido’s “Jowo”, Bella Smurda’s “Cash App”, Rexxie’s & Mohbad’s “Ko Por Ke (KPK)”, and it has also stopped Wizkid’s “Ginger” from returning to the top of the chart.

To perfectly capture Omah Lay’s reign at the top of the chart, a look at his streaming and airplay data provides an interesting insight into the feverish and relentless consumption of Omah Lay’s “Godly” across all platforms.

Godly on YouTube

Omah Lay’s “Godly” streaming and radio airplay numbers compared to the songs at No. 3 in all the weeks the song has spent at No. 1 (“Infinity” has spent the entire run of Godly at No. 1 in second spot)

Chart Dated December 7, 2020

  1. “Godly,” Omah Lay; 42.14 million audience impression (radio), 2.03 million equivalent streams (streaming)
  2. “The Best,” Davido featuring Mayorkun; 44.82 million audience impression (radio), 1.59 million equivalent streams (streaming)

Chart Dated December 14, 2020

  1. “Godly,” Omah Lay; 47.18 million audience impression (radio), 2.03 million equivalent streams (streaming)
  2. “Jowo,” Davido; 19.71 million audience impression (radio), 2.26 million equivalent streams (streaming)

Chart Dated December 21, 2020

  1. “Godly,” Omah Lay; 47.53 million audience impression (radio), 2.01 million equivalent streams (streaming)
  2. “KPK (Ko Por Ke),” Rexxie & Mohbad; 3.14 million equivalent streams (streaming)

Chart Dated December 28, 2020

  1. “Godly,” Omah Lay; 47.26 million audience impression (radio), 2.80 million equivalent streams (streaming)
  2. “Cash App,” Bella Shmurda, Lincoln & Zlatan; 27.88 million audience impression (radio), 1.80 million equivalent streams (streaming)

Chart Dated January 4, 2021

  1. “Godly,” Omah Lay; 45.81 million audience impression (radio), 2.75 million equivalent streams (streaming)
  2. “Cash App,” Bella Shmurda, Lincoln & Zlatan; 28.94 million audience impression (radio), 1.67 million equivalent streams (streaming)

Chart Dated January 11, 2021

  1. “Godly,” Omah Lay; 54.68 million audience impression (radio), 2.41 million equivalent streams (streaming)
  2. “Jowo,” Davido; 34.00 million audience impression (radio), 1.16 million equivalent streams (streaming)

Chart Dated January 18, 2020

  1. “Godly,” Omah Lay; 47.71 million audience impression (radio), 2.44 million equivalent streams (streaming)
  2. “Ginger,” Wizkid featuring Burna Boy; 35.79 million audience impression (radio), 1.44 million equivalent streams (streaming)

This data captures superstar credentials and ability of the young artiste to take on the biggest names. He is currently setting the pace for his peers in Nigerian music – and pulling the figures Omah Lay has been effortlessly getting across all platforms, is no mean feat. Artistes looking to dethrone the “Bad Influence” crooner from the top spot have their job cut out for them and one thing that we can say for sure is that Omah Lay won’t go out without a fight. So, who is up for the challenge?

High Way

Likely Next Contender

Dj Kaywise & Phyno’s “High Way” is looking like the next contender for the No. 1 spot; the song is leading the radio chart mid-week and closing in on “Godly” across streaming platforms. “High Way” biggest hurdle would be the popularity of “Godly” on TV, which is No. 2 on this week’s TV Top Songs Chart with 10.16 million TV airplay audience impression. The former has no official video yet, meaning it hasn’t impacted TV stations across Nigeria yet.

Will “High Way” draw enough airplay and streams to surpass “Godly’s” total across radio, streaming and TV or even supplant “Infinity” at No. 2? That we will find out next week.

“Godly’s” run at No. 1 will surely come to an end because tables turn but the ubiquitous tune is still stat-padding its record for longest No. 1 and it might just be the first song to reach double figures at No. 1.

You can check this week's Top 50 and Godly's entire chart run here

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