• Early Thoughts About the 2021 TurnTable Top 50

Written by: adegokesimi, simi

TurnTable staffers debate on music in 2021, charts in early parts of the year and more

The holiday season is over with the last issue of the Annual Holidays Chart revealed on Tuesday (Jaywon’s timeless “This Year (Odun Yi)” took No. 1 spot from Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”).

This makes it a good time for us at TurnTable Charts to reflect on what’s going on the TurnTable Top 50 at the start of a new year. Omah Lay’s “Godly” has spent the last six consecutive weeks at No. 1 and it even recorded its biggest chart points this week, which points to the fact that it’s not slowing down any time soon.

However, a couple of songs will be looking to supplant “Godly” at No. 1, cheif among them being Wizkid’s “Ginger” featuring Burna Boy. The official video for the song was released on Friday, January 8, giving it the juice to challenge “Godly” for No. 1 next week.

Apart from “Ginger,” other songs such as Rexxie & MohBad’s “KPK (Ko Por Ke),” Dj Kaywise & Phyno’s “High Way,” Naira Marley’s “Koleyewon” and Zlatan’s “Lagos Anthem” are looking good on the charts, garnering streams and getting huge airplay.

Will anyone of these songs replace “Godly” at No. 1? We won’t know for sure until it happens but TurnTable staffers debate and give their opinions about these questions about the chart below

Q1: What kind of 2021 are you expecting from the top three artistes, especially having released hugely successful albums in 2020?

Adeayo Adebiyi: New visuals and a few singles. Just enough to keep their albums going and enough new contents to keep them in the conversation. Shouldn’t be very difficult given that they will likely only be dropping the visuals to their albums and maybe one or two collabos.

Simi Adegoke: Basically just collaborations and features in 2021. I dont expect any of them to actually drop any album or project in 2021.

Blessing Oreunomhe: I think they will do more collaborations in 2021 but with primarily international artistes.

Kayode Babatola: A less busy one at least, a few features, some visuals for the songs in their albums, and maybe towards the end of the year start teasing a new album.

Femi Adeniran: I expect Wizkid to go AWOL for much of 2021, drop a couple features and some videos for his project but mostly ghost throughout the year like he always does. Burna Boy? It depends on if he gets the Grammy or not. If he doesn’t, then expect another Burna Boy album, because it is going to be “African Cosmic Giant” or something like that. But Davido is Davido, he doesn’t care. He will keep dropping singles because he keeps mingling all the time. Expect another solid year from Davido because he can’t stop making music; Burna might drop another album because why not? Wizkid would be ghost and features.

Q2: “KPK,” “High Way,” and “Lagos Anthem” are all enjoying incredible airplay over the week and set to impact the radio chart next week while “Koleyewon” is doing the rounds on TV. Which of these four songs do you think has a shot at unseating “Godly” at No. 1?

Adeayo Adebiyi: I’m going with “Koleyewon,” it has the newest video among the contenders; it is yet to hit its peak on TV. Once it does, it will enjoy a good run that will likely push it to the top.

Simi Adegoke: I’m going with “KPK” too.

Blessing Oreunomhe: It is “High Way” for me.

Kayode Babatola: “Godly” stays at No. 1, “High Way” maybe gets closest to it in the top five with “KPK” and “Koleyewon” back in the top ten. I’m not sure about “Lagos Anthem” yet, maybe top 20?

Olubode Paul: I don’t expect any of them to get close to the top of the holy mountain. I’d like to see “High Way” try though.

Femi Adeniran: I don’t think any of these un-”Godly” songs would make number one.

Q3: Which song outside of the top 10 (say 11-30) that’s a 2020 leftover do you think or hope to get enough juice early on in 2021 to make a run for the top ten?

Adeayo Adebiyi: Rema’s “Peace of Mind.” The visuals might give the song a new lease of life.

Blessing Oreunomhe: “KPK.” It is definitely going to leave its current position and move back into the top ten.

Kayode Babatola: “Kilofeshe” looks like it’s going to jump into the top 5 very soon, the remix with Mayorkun is coming soon, and it is on the rise on radio plus they will probably have a video out for the remix soon.

Q4: Looking at the lower region of the TurnTable Top 50 this week, which song are you keeping an eye on that you think could make a big jump to the top 10 or top 5 next month or two?

Blessing Oreunomhe: Honestly, I think “Damn (Remix)” I like the song and it might just get a chance. Omah Lay has incredible staying power on streaming charts and this will be aided by having two versions (original and remix). Also, the song is beginning to pick up more on TV plus decent radio airplay - I see a top ten potential.

Kayode Babatola: “High Way,” “Kilofeshe,” and “KPK (Ko Por Ke)” can get into the top 10 in the coming weeks.

Olubode Paul: “High Way” for me, definitely that song.

Q5: “Godly’ is currently at six weeks at No. 1; do you think it gets to double figures in terms of weeks at No. 1, or it is replaced at No. 1 for good before that?

Kayode Babatola: Okay, “Godly” would definitely get one more week at No. 1, I’m not sure “Ginger” can unseat it unless it peaks on TV during the week and its radio airplay increases. The next No. 1 that I can bet on is Davido’s “The Best” with Mayorkun - I think it will go to the top after its video. However, if it doesn't happen soon, then “Godly” gets to double digits at the top.

Blessing Oreunomhe: I doubt it would get into double digits because other artistes are coming in hot this year, so there will be a lot of competition for No. 1 song in the coming weeks (“Godly” has four weeks to reach double figures). “Godly” has been sitting there for a month and some now - the ‘spotlight’ might move soon to the next No. 1 hit.

Olubode Paul: It is showing serious potential but you can never tell with Nigerian listeners. Who knows what will happen in three weeks?

Femi Adeniran: One thing I know is that Omah Lay is a chart magnet and if you consider that “Big 3” dropped and Omah Lay found his way to the top, it might just make that ten weeks milestone. I’m not sure about consecutive weeks but I feel if it gets unseated for a week or two, it would climb back to the top. It’s just Omah Lay time.

Adeayo Adebiyi: “Ginger” is well positioned to enjoy a good run at the top with the anticipated airplay that comes with a new video. However, its streams compared to “Godly” might be the reason it is unable to move to No. 1. If Davido drops a new video in the coming weeks, whoever is No. 1 at the time should be ready to give up the spot.

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