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The first issue of TurnTable Magazine is out

2020, Ladies and Gentlemen! Need I say more? What a year! I spent a large part of last year thinking about ways to solve the teeming problems that confronted the Nigerian music industry especially as regards music sales, consumption data, and record-keeping. I concluded that what the Nigerian music industry needed was a credible music chart that collects and analyzes music data. I had the idea and I hoped to bring it to life at some point in the future, but the future came sooner than I anticipated. Covid-19 struck and we had a lockdown in our hands. I called my friend, Simi Adegoke who is a software engineer, and shared the vision with him, and the result was TurnTable Charts. We started during the lockdown as one of those cases of “let’s just start and see how far it goes” and the rest as they say is history.

None of Turntable’s success and growth would have been made possible without our esteemed partners (data providers and media partners) and the entire TurnTable team. Together, we’ve achieved groundbreaking feats that will serve as the foundation of a revolution in the Nigerian music industry.

TurnTable Magazine Vol. 001 chronicles everything TurnTable and what is to come after 2020; it takes you into the workings of the publication (TTC) and its parent company (TurnTable) through the eyes of our partners, cover star, and team members. The End of the Year Music Charts 2020 in particular, will set a firm foundation upon which subsequent yearly music data will be built by creating a much-needed culture of effectively collecting, analyzing, collating, and documenting the Nigerian story. Above all, this maiden edition will introduce TurnTable, the company, and brings you closer to the team behind TurnTable Charts.

2020 has been a tough year for Nigeria and Nigerians, but we stuck together to the end. We came together to SOROSOKE and call for END SARS and all forms of Police brutality. We joined forces to condemn the state of insecurity in the North by asking the government to SECURENORTH. We stood as a nation and called for an end to BAD GOVERNANCE. And we all felt a sharp pain in our hearts when our brothers and sisters were hit by the bullets of genocidal army officers at the LEKKIMASSACRE. 2020 has tested our resolve as a nation and as a people, but we are still standing. We at TurnTable as creative and techies share the feeling of every Nigerian and we stand in with other Nigerians in the unending call for a better and safer Nigeria.

This year, we’ve stayed home together. We’ve protested together, and we’ve celebrated together. It is now time for us to reflect on an unforgettable 2020 in the Nigerian music industry. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the maiden edition of TurnTable Magazine

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